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  • Labor Day and The Grapes of Tom Joad

    Labor Day for many marks the end of Summer, and the return of Football to America. It’s not just another “Hallmark Holiday.” It’s not just a way to give bankers and government workers a day off. Or to allow Congress to take an extended break before returning to gridlock. In fact, it’s a holiday born from the concept of socialism – the organized labor movement. Want to read more? See the original content posted at If you’re seeing this on Barreling – The Wine Blog, the use of this content is unauthorized and we believe constitutes copyright infringement.

  • Stealing Wine, Food and Money

  • Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 10 – duck fat)

  • Which Came First: Plavac or Zinfandel?

    For at least two decards, it was thought that Plavac Mali was the ancestor, or Croatian counterpart of Zinfandel. Coincidentally, it is thought that Zinfandel arrived in California around 1852. And when, between 1890 and 1900 most of northern California’s vineyards were destroyed by phylloxera, Zinfandel was among the survivors.

  • For Purple Mountain Majesty…

    I’ve always thought that America The Beautiful should be our National Anthem. One, because it’s much easier to sing. But primarily because it focuses on the beauty of the country, rather than the ugliness of war. Sure, it talks about freedom, and patriotism, and heroes; but the main focus is on the magnificence of its lands and the innate goodness of its people.

  • Uncork Your Passion to Win a Winery Internship!

    The Grand Prize is a two-week apprenticeship at Casa Lapostolle, Chile, with round-trip airfare, ground transportation and all inclusive stay at Lapostolle Residence. With an added prize of $2,500 in cash, approximate retail value of this prize is $10,000.

  • Remnants of Prohibition still Reign in Tennessee

    I always wondered about the strict rules against alcohol in my Mother’s “religion of origin” since there are a number of passages in the Bible that talk positively about wine. Then there’s that inconvenient story about Jesus’ turning water into wine. And the fact that the highest per capita wine consumption by country is held by Vactican City.

  • Celebrating Argentina’s Path to Independence

    On the 25th of this month, Argentina will celebrate 200 years since the Revolution of May opened the way to her Independence. As part of the celebration, Central Market will host some of our favorite winemakers in Texas stores, May 12-25, 2010, for “Passport to Argentina” a festival celebrating culture, food and wine.