Price and predjudice

I have been trying to avoid this topic, hoping it would go away, but it just won’t. Recently there have been a spate of articles claiming that the price of a wine has an effect on the drinker’s perception of how good it is. Reading the research study findings does not exactly bear out this conclusion, but almost every article that I have seen, and there have been many of them over the past week, […]

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Wine grows in popularity with young Americans

It seems that wine sales are up yet again this year, and especially so among younger adults. This is especially striking given these numbers from this article: The number of U.S adults who call themselves wine drinkers has risen 53 percent since 2000, from 49 million to 75 million. Over the same period, the number of people who said they drink alcohol — but not wine — dropped 13 percent, Gillespie said. The article then […]

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The downside of wine clubs

Let me preface these comments by saying that I love wine clubs. I am such a fan of my favorite one that I link to their site in my sidebar, and seem to mention them in about every 3rd post. I have discovered many excellent wines through wine clubs. However, there is an uncontrollable downside to them sometimes. Last night I opened a Chilean cab that I had gotten from a recently canceled club. They […]

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Petit Courbu

Petit Courbu is not a grape that you hear about every day. In fact, it isn’t a grape that very many folks ever hear about. A search of Wikipedia only brings us a listing for Courbu, of which it is a variety, but which doesn’t even merit an entry. The fine folks at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant’s sent us a bottle in one of their wine club shipments. My first thought was “What the @&#* […]

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Bargain wine? Maybe…

I’m not really quite sure what to make of the information in this article. I’m all for being able to get good table wine at a low price, and if California makers want to bring in some decent Chilean juice to make that happen, there isn’t much that comes to mind to complain about. On the other hand, if makers of $20 pinot want to sell a cheaper version, should they be looking to France? […]

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Cheap Pinot?

This is an excellent article on Pinot Noir, and some winemakers who are striving to put it on all of our tables. Having tried some of these, I like what they are doing. Sure, they aren’t spectacular examples of the variety, but they are certainly very drinkable. I wish them all the luck in the world. From the article: It starts to feel a bit like unrequited love. What is the Pinot lover to do […]

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