A Really Twisted Winery Owner

Located in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, Twisted Oak is a terroir-based winery that specializes in delicious handcrafted wines made in the shadow of a 350-year old California Blue Oak tree. Not only is the tree the winery’s namesake, but its likeness appears on the label of Twisted Oak bottles. But it’s not just good wine that has made Twisted Oak so successful, but Stai’s clever use of a bit of “The Princess Bride” influenced themes in creating and promoting a wine persona that includes pirates, debauchery and rubber chickens.

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Asparagus and Wine

NOTE: This was originally published on Apr 10, 2008 back when very few people were yet reading this blog. As asparagus is now in season, it seemed like a good time to bring it up again. As the weather starts to get nicer and Spring begins to assert itself, the home chef starts to think about asparagus. Despite being available year round these days, it is at this time of year when you can find […]

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Silver Oak and Twomey – Wine Reviews

Last week we had the great honor and distinct pleasure of meeting legendary wine maker Daniel Baron. It was a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, and we plan to tell you all about it later. But Daniel was there to pour wine, so lets talk about the wine first. The wines poured were all from Twomey and Silver Oak, and all were quite delicious. Here are the capsule reviews. Twomey Sauvignon Blanc 2008 – […]

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