Cooking to Pair with Multiple Wines: Green Valley of Russian River Valley

For many a home chef, it is relatively simple to pair a dish with a wine. You can consult Mr. Google, or visit a variety of wine sites, like Another Wine Blog, for suggestions. But suppose you have a recipe that pairs well with one red wine, but want to serve two different varieties – what then? That was my dilemma for a tasting of 3 wines from Green Valley of Russian River Valley hosted […]

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Pasaporte Mexico Comes to Central Market, April 20 – May 3

We love our Tex-Mex here in Houston! But many of us gringos have no concept of authentic Mexican cuisine, although we occupy land once part of Estados Unidos Mexicanos. While a certain orange-hued cartoon character drums up votes with his “Build a Wall” platform, the good folks at Central Market invite customers to embrace with taste during ‘Pasaporte Mexico,’ April 20 through May 3 throughout its stores across Texas. During the two-week event, visitors to […]

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Urban Gardening: Help Make it a Reality in Houston

One of the most delicious things about wine is the way it pairs with food. Not just any food, but food prepared from local ingredients or one’s own garden. I grew up in a place with plenty of land for growing and harvesting our own fruit and vegetables. But sadly, my father did not know much about gardening. Or rotating crops. Or keeping the birds from eating our blueberries and decorating our sidewalks with purple “bird […]

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Meat Madness: BBQ Couple is In It to Win It!

Mary Cressler and Sean Martin are on a mission to win the 2015 Tournament Bracket. Down to the Final Four in Round Five of Traeger Wood Pellet Grills #MeatMadness recipe contest has Mary posting pictures of herself rockin’ some Totally ’80s Bangs, another of her standing in front a propeller plane, and a “Vote for Nachos” nod to Napoleon Dynamite. The contest started on March 15th with 64 entrants for the first round of the […]

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Central Market Cooking School: Korean Updated

Bleary-eyed on a Saturday morn – after an evening of downing craft beer donut holes accompanied with an intoxicating and vigorous chocolate stout glaze and enjoying other fine brews from Brews Brothers in Galveston – I was wishin’ and hopin’ that the trek from Clear Lake to Upper Kirby to attend Central Market Cooking School’s Korean Updated at 10 am would be worth my while to get out of bed. Little did I know that […]

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Onion Tart – Perfect for your holiday party or New Year’s brunch

This onion tart is the perfect complement to just about any sparkling wine. Take it to an office holiday potluck, serve it at your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, or best of all for a holiday brunch. Then make it all year long if you want, and I believe you will want. If you’ve never had one, or only had them improperly prepared, an onion tart may not sound like the most appetizing dish. […]

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Central Market Hosts Pasaporte España, May 11-24

Today kicks off another wine and food extravaganza at Central Market. Coming off last year’s success with Passport to Argentina, the Texas-based foodie orgasmatron hosts a two-week celebration of everything Spain during its Pasaporte España, scheduled for May 11 – 24 at Central Market locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Discover a country where brilliant chefs transform some of the world’s tastiest produce, meat, cheese and seafood into traditional modernist dishes. No need […]

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Why I keep writing this blog

Writing a blog can be a very difficult thing. It didn’t start out that way, but after almost four years and close to 600 posts it can be tough to keep plugging away. Not that we are anywhere close to packing it in, I’m just saying there are a lot of reasons that most blogs don’t last very long. Starting a blog is a lot like getting a new puppy or kitten. They are demanding, […]

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