Petit Courbu

petit_courbuPetit Courbu is not a grape that you hear about every day. In fact, it isn’t a grape that very many folks ever hear about. A search of Wikipedia only brings us a listing for Courbu, of which it is a variety, but which doesn’t even merit an entry.

The fine folks at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant’s sent us a bottle in one of their wine club shipments. My first thought was “What the @&#* are these @$$#0*^$ trying to pull?” Who ever heard of this stuff? So, of course, it was the first bottle in the shipment that was opened. Before the first glasses were drained a case was on order. We have been drinking it ever since. In fact, we will more than likely be trying to order another case very soon.

The wine in question was a 2005 Chateau Bouscasse, Le Jardins de Bouscasse, Pacherenc du Vic Bilh from Madiran, France. While that may be a mouthful, it is very befitting of this golden colored wine. The first thing that I noticed on the nose was a very enticing toast aroma, which is then augmented by a strong peach note with a hint of floral. Very different, but quite nice.

The first sip confirms the toast and the peach, but they are quickly joined by pear and lemon flavors. The finish is long, crisp and loaded with citrus. While the taste is quite unique, if pressed I would have to compare it to a melange of Viognier and a Mosel -style Riesling. Very delicious.

I have paired it at times with Red Snapper, rosemary crusted goat cheese on toast points, and sea scallops. The tasting notes from Ferry Plaza suggest fettucine with shrimp and garlic, and I plan to try that, as well as the oysters that the wine seems to beg for.

A bottle lists for $20. Do yourself a favor and see if you can find some.

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