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  • The Wine Review: Is it All Just Smoke and Mirrors?

    Does this mean we’re all victims of our emotions? Does it mean that wine and food critics are completely full of it and you shouldn’t trust anything we say? Because I’ll guarantee if the restaurant or wine bar knows there is a critic in the house — the critic will be fawned over like the Jonas Brothers in a room full of 14-year old girls. There is something more to consider, and it’s all about you.

  • Surfing into New Orleans

  • Crescent City Phoenix – The Return of New Orleans

    Crescent City Phoenix – The Return of New Orleans

    Kelly moved back to New Orleans. During our dinner she beamed about the city where she grew up, and the city where she has returned to help restore. A city that is authentic, historical and focused on tourism. She touched a nerve when she talked about so many people who have said they feel guilty about vacationing in a city that suffered so much.

  • Day Two: Window on New Orleans Past and Present

    We disembarked for a private tour of Antoine’s Restaurant. Opened in 1840, Antoine’s is the oldest in New Orleans and oldest family-run restaurant in the country. It has 15 different dining rooms, with a variety of old photos and artifacts from Mardi Gras royalty. It continued to serve wine and booze during Prohibition, we’re told, by using a bit of hallway which was part of the “ladies room” to allow the men to pass through a secret door.

  • The Holiday Party: Or How Not to Throw up on Your Boss

    The annual “Holiday” party can be a great way to enjoy some food and drink; socialize with your coworkers and dance late into the evening, all on the company dime. But these outings are also fraught with peril. Here are some tips to keep from making a fool of yourself — or worse!

  • In defense of decadence

    In defense of decadence
  • Thanksgiving: It’s Not Always about the Food

    Thanksgiving in our family is always a dilemma — Joe wants to host everyone at our house, and my brother wants to host everyone at his. Before my father died, it was always at my parents’ house. My mother would slave over the stove all day, invariably wearing herself out. We would have enough food to feed half the neighborhood with plenty of leftovers. My mother grew up poor, so she has this special relationship with food.

  • Wine Tasting Clubs: Solving the Mystery One Glass at a Time

    I had heard my husband talk about Iris for weeks during his ISG studies but didn’t meet her until the class got together for a holiday party last December. Many of the students had obtained part-time pouring gigs at local Houston wine bars. But we found ourselves at Iris’ tastings most often—because she was pouring on weekends and her bubbly personality is just so hard to resist.

  • Jack, the Very Bad Dog

    Jack was a big, black ball of fur, half-chow and half black lab. He had the ability to scare adults with his size and his dark fur and eyes, but kids were not fooled. He would stand tall, wagging his tail happily, as child after child threw their arms around his neck and hugged his thick, furry neck.

  • Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery added to Boycott

    I first heard about Foley from “twitter.” In the course of talking wine with winebloggers and other ne’er do wells, I met a blogger by the name of WineDog who “tweeted” something about a boycott of Foley wines. WineDog’s blog, Pink Bunny Ears, has a number of posts about Foley. The latest 2-spread Foley feature in Wine Spectator set the WineDog off.