Ovation to feature The Art Of: Wine Country, tonight at 7:30 ET/4:30 PT

This Sunday, April 6, America’s only arts network, Ovation, presents the latest episode of “The Art Of:” Wine Country at 7:30 p.m. Eastern (4:30 p.m. Pacific) A weekly half-hour series, Ovation’s The Art of: profiles three artists whose boundary-pushing work in media is not part of the traditional definition of “art.” Focusing on the celebrated, as well as the undiscovered, this series explores the creative process behind each featured art form and uncovers how and why […]

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Tristan Risk Up for Best Supporting Actress in 2014 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards

There is an art to taking off one’s clothing. While you might think it all falls under “stripping,” Tristan Risk is not a stripper. Pin-up queen, actress and model; “Little Miss Risk” is a performance artist with the Vancouver troupe “Sweet Soul Burlesque.” She is also a nominee for Best Supporting Actress in the 2014 FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards for her portrayal of Beatress Johnson in the Soska Sisters and Twisted Twins Productions’ horror film, American Mary. Beatress, in […]

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ACT NOW to be Part of a 2014 Wine Documentary!

Wil Fernandez needs $20,000.  Since he announced his Vintage 2014: The stories behind the vines documentary project, he has gotten pledges for over $8,000 of that through Kickstarter. But a crucial deadline approaches. Timing is critical, or as we say in the legal contracts world, “Time is of the essence.” For this project to get off the ground, Wil and his team need to raise another $12,000 in pledges in just 7 days.  Now I […]

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DIY: Wine Glass Charms in 5 Easy Steps

I cannot remember which glass of wine is mine! Do your guests set down their glasses of wine and then forget which one is theirs? Sure, you can buy a couple dozen wine glass identifiers, but why not make your own unique wine glass charms? We’ve hosted our First Fridays wine tastings for nearly a year now, and it never fails; a guest will put her glass down on the table for a few minutes, […]

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AWB joins California Winemaker Wes Hagen of Clos Pepe Nov 13 for Simultaste

Another Wine Blog will be a featured participant in a live on-line wine tasting Wednesday focusing on Central Coast, California wines with famed Clos Pepe winemaker Wes Hagen. Amy Corron Power and Joe Power tasted a number of Central Coast, California wines recently during a Houston stop on the Central Coast Wine & Food Pop-Up Tasting Tour that introduced wine writers, enthusiasts and wine industry aficionados in Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, Miami and Key West […]

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Friday the 13th means Fine Wine Tasting ~ Italian Sparkling from Franciacorta

Love the Bubbly? Celebrate the end of of the week on Friday, September 13 as we join wine bloggers across the country for a virtual “twitter” tasting of fine Italian sparkling wine from Franciacorta beginning at 6:00 p.m. Central (4:00 p.m. Pacific, 7:00 p.m. Eastern). What is Franciacorta? Franciacorta is often compared to Champagne, but has its own unique Italian personality. The first Italian wine produced exclusively by the traditional method of re-fermentation in the […]

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Dodd-Frank, Obama & China’s Wine Speculators

Gas prices have not doubled under the Obama Administration. Folks who continue to repeat this myth, including my dear brother, are simply wrong. Then why does this “untruth” keep getting repeated? Because the proponents of this urban legend are providing selective data to their audience. What? Cherry-picking facts? Comparing apples to oranges?  No, they say, my news source wouldn’t lie to me! Especially not so close to an election of Epic Importance! Well wake up […]

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A Symphony of Artistry: Cornerstone Oregon Pinot Noir

I am sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window after a rainstorm. The blinds are half-mast, so I cannot see the gray sky. My view is just of the yard to the top of our wood fence and is filled with bright green framed by the slats of the fence, some still wet and some drying, so they remind me of weathered wine barrels. All I can hear is the plop, plop, plop […]

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Seghesio: Still a Family Winery

It was raining when I arrived at the vast Seghesio Family Vineyards’ facilities for a harvest time tour. Unlike Texas that would have welcomed it after a drought that wrought mass brush fires searing a swath through the Lone Star State culminating with a firestorm known as the Bastrop County Complex Fire, the early California rain was not invited. The particular Texas hell storm that engulfed Bastrop had, by September 30, destroyed 1,645 homes, burned 34,068 […]

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