The Wine Review: Is it All Just Smoke and Mirrors?

Does this mean we’re all victims of our emotions? Does it mean that wine and food critics are completely full of it and you shouldn’t trust anything we say? Because I’ll guarantee if the restaurant or wine bar knows there is a critic in the house — the critic will be fawned over like the Jonas Brothers in a room full of 14-year old girls. There is something more to consider, and it’s all about you.

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Chelsea Wine Bar Gets Twisted (Oak)!

We like it because it’s one of those fabulous Rhône-style blends that hasn’t been completely Parkerized. Yes, there’s fruit and plenty of it — but it’s less of a Sweet Cloying Diva and more of a Subtle Spicy Minx with a leather whip. And what could be better with a wine that rhymes and pairs with Duck. Works well with barbecue pork and spicy Asian foods as well. And I like to pair it just with my glass as well!

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Another Wine Byte 12: Wrap It Up, I’ll Take It

When it comes to wine, it’s not just the “thought” that counts. In fact, if you don’t know that much about wine, perhaps a wine-related gift, rather than a bottle of wine, would be a much better choice. But there are other considerations when giving wine. Should you take a bottle of wine when invited to dinner? Should a host or hostess be expected to open the wine? And what about “re-gifting” wine?

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