Yes, we Rhoned! Leaving Paso Robles

After a fantastic, albeit exhausting, adventure at Hospice du Rhone in Paso Robles it is time for us to head back to San Francisco with Thea and Jason. There are plenty of things we want to tell you about later, but for now I wanted to share the photo above that shows just a little of how beautiful it is here.  Stay tuned, many more photos and tales of liver-punishing debauchery to come. Also, did […]

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So We Think We Can Rhône!

It’s back! Hooray! I have been without my laptop since April 14th. It’s my own fault, I suppose. I was looking at a Rodney StrongTaste Live! media disc, and left it in the computer while installing an “update and shut down.” When I re-booted….CRASH! Joe installed Linux, which is very cool if you’re a computer geek or someone with lots of time on her hands to learn a new operating system. And while I am […]

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Organic Wine Immersion at Millésime Bio 2011

We were among the 3200 attendees at Millésime Bio 2011 last week in Montpellier, South of France, sponsored by Sud de France and organized by our hosts the AIVB-LR (Association Interprofessionnelle des Vins Biologiques de Languedoc-Roussillon). Now in its 18th year, this international trade fair is devoted exclusively to wines made from organically grown grapes in accordance with current European regulations. Up 18% from last year’s attendance of 2700, the event allowed professionals to sample […]

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Day 1 in France

Early Friday morning Amy and I drove to the airport and boarded a flight to Atlanta. Once in Atlanta we hastily made our way to the very furthest end of this behemoth of an airfield to catch our connecting flight to Paris. After landing at Charles de Gaulle we made a mad dash to the terminal that a very pleasant and seemingly efficient young woman had directed us to. Once clearing customs, another very pleasant […]

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Look back in ambiguity

End of the year posts are all the rage. It seems like every blog has an obligatory post highlighting some sort of ‘best’ list from the previous year. Why should we here at Another Wine Blog be any different? Well, maybe because we like to think that we are just a little bit different. Or maybe it is because out of the hundreds of wines we sampled, many that were excellent, I can’t think of […]

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Wine for the Holidays: America’s Most-Visited Winery

There are plenty of people who do exactly what they’re told. Who follow all of the rules. Who “know their place” from birth to death. The type of people who do not see a bullfighter’s red cape when someone tells them they cannot or may not do something. Joe is not one of those people. And neither am I. Often in younger years this was probably much to our detriment. For me, it was nearly […]

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