A Hidden Gem

Last night my wife and I decided to go out and have a light dinner and then try out a wine bar that we thought was new. Due to a miscommunication we ended up at a place called Sushi Coast for the light dinner. This place was disgusting, and if I don’t end up with some sort of intestinal parasite, I will be amazed. There are some quite decent sushi restaurants in the Bay Area […]

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Plume Bleue – Great Bargain Wine for Grilling

Plume Bleue Vin de Pays d’Oc is a 50/50 Grenache Syrah blend made by a very good winemaker. This big fruity wine has lots of plum, cherry and dark berry flavors with just enough chewy tannins to balance it out. It has a mildly smoky flavor. This stuff just begs for some grilled lamb or pork. Chilled, it could be served with a nice summer salad. Best of all? You should be able to find […]

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Barbecue Nirvana – Best BBQ EVER

This is my last piece on BBQ for a long time, I swear. As I mentioned yesterday, every year Texas Monthly Magazine ranks and reviews the Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas. One thing that is a constant each year is that Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas will be in the top 5, if not in the number one slot. This year was no exception, as Smitty’s earned a perfect score of 5. Here is […]

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Petit Courbu

Petit Courbu is not a grape that you hear about every day. In fact, it isn’t a grape that very many folks ever hear about. A search of Wikipedia only brings us a listing for Courbu, of which it is a variety, but which doesn’t even merit an entry. The fine folks at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant’s sent us a bottle in one of their wine club shipments. My first thought was “What the @&#* […]

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