Stepping into the Twilight Zone

This morning when I was looking at wine-related news the very first item on the list was this article. Seems maybe my dumb idea about wine knocking out bugs wasn’t so dumb after all. “We’re finding new ways to prevent disease without killing the microbial agent … rather, neutralizing it somehow,” says University of Rochester dentist Hyun Koo, who is using compounds left over from vineyards’ wine-making to bust up gooey bacteria masses known as […]

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Good News (for me, at least)!

The cold is gone and I can taste again. Is there any bigger bane to the existence of a wine lover than a cold? Thanks to all of the homeopathic remedies out there these days this most recent curse only lasted about a week. Not that it stopped me from drinking wine, of course, but actually tasting it was out of the question. Maybe it was the wine and not the Zicam that shortened the […]

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In what might be a bad omen, or just an ironic twist, I am currently writing my first blog post about the subject of wine while I am in the grips of a nasty cold and probably couldn’t tell the difference between a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape and a glass of MD20/20. Let us all hope that the previous run-on sentence is also not an omen of any kind. This page is not the work of […]

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