Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 – FAIL?

After being here for the first afternoon and evening of the Wine Blogger Conference 2009, I am starting to wonder if the they are experiencing a sophomore slump, or have just lost their mojo completely. The early part of the day was spent alternatively laughing at comments from other bloggers about their inability to connect to the Internet, and bitching because I couldn’t connect to post about their comments. This was followed by something that […]

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Dear Thea, this is what you missed!

We flew into California on Wednesday night, a couple days early, so we could head down to Murphys for a little pre-WBC09 (2009 Wine Bloggers’ Conference) fun.  Lucky for us, there were lots of cars on the Hertz lot. The nice lady at the counter asked if we would like to upgrade to a 2010 Mustang with leather seats for only $8 more a day. Gee, upgrade from a compact to a Red Mustang? Well […]

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In California again

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and anyone who has ever seen the size of some of the asses waddling out of Luby’s or been run off of the road by some compensating “cowboy” in a ridiculously customized monster truck can attest, it does seem to be true. Things may indeed be bigger in Texas, to my mind at least, but in California everything just seems better. The air smells better, the sun […]

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Date Night with Ravenswood Zinfandel

You might say that wine saved our relationship. I was in law school, which makes one’s disposition truly evil.  We lived in a tiny little rental house near campus.  We shared a 10×10 room as a home office. We hated each other’s music.  He’d play something loud or punk or both: The Sex Pistols, New York Dolls, The Ramones, Ministry.  And my response was usually, “That’s not very pretty.” I’d play something pop, usually Madonna. […]

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Building a Better Salad

Summer is here, and in this part of Texas, that means temperatures that do the double dutch on either side of 100° F. When it gets that relentlessly hot around here, we turn to eating a lot of salads. Regular readers of this blog know that I am both a confirmed carnivore and a fan of really big flavors. That doesn’t sound like the description of a guy who loves salad, but when they are […]

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Looking Back and Looking Ahead: WBC ’09

When Joe first said he wanted to start a blog about wine and food, I’ll have to admit I was a little skeptical. Sure, he is a great cook, and was studying with the International Sommelier Guild. But I remember saying to him, “What makes you think anyone cares to read what you have to say about food and wine?” And Joe said something about how Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” success started by his writing […]

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