Galveston Wine Festival and Don’t be the dumbass redux

Today Amy and I are going to head down to the 2010 Galveston Food and Wine Festival.  Regular readers will know that we have a soft spot (Amy’s heart, my head) for Galveston, so we don’t really need an excuse to visit the island, but this gives us a great one. Here is how this event is being billed on their website: Saturday, April 17th, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm Saengerfest Park, 23rd and Strand […]

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Wine Pairing Recipes: Seafood Medley Stew

This recipe for Seafood Medley Stew can be followed exactly, but where is the fun in that? Use it as a jumping-off point. Adjust the spices and ingredients to make it your own. Or, like me, make it differently every time. I call for one jalapeño below, but feel free to use more, less or some other pepper. In fact, the batch pictured featured a mild Hatch pepper augmented by about 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes.

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New Sauvignon Blanc on the Block: Cornerstone Cellars

Last night we paired a sample of 2009 Cornerstone Cellars Sauvignon Blanc, with a spicy variation of Joe’s Seafood Medley Stew*. I like my food muy caliente! and this wine was perfect to take out a little of the heat from the serrano pepper. But to enjoy all the subtleties and nuances in this beautiful new Napa white, I was glad to have saved enough to have a glass or two on its own.

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Darryl Beeson

When I signed up for Sommelier classes a few years ago, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had some vague ideas about some professorial type lecturing us as we took copious notes about wine. Looking around at my classmates, I guessed that we all had similar vague notions. Then Darryl Beeson walked in and those vague notions were dismissed very quickly. Our instructor was a larger than life Santa Claus-looking guy with a […]

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