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If you have ever wondered what would happen if a graphic designer were sick at home, full of cold medicine and coffee, and decided to reinvent a classic horror film movie poster…and, let’s face it, who hasn’t wondered?…then have we got a treat for you! Merry Christmas to everyone from Another Wine Blog! We hope Santa (not this one) brought you everything you asked for and a little more. He seems to forget that ’61 […]

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Thanksgiving: It’s Not Always about the Food

Thanksgiving in our family is always a dilemma — Joe wants to host everyone at our house, and my brother wants to host everyone at his. Before my father died, it was always at my parents’ house. My mother would slave over the stove all day, invariably wearing herself out. We would have enough food to feed half the neighborhood with plenty of leftovers. My mother grew up poor, so she has this special relationship with food.

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Fourth of July Wine Deal Ends in 4 Days!

July 4th Deal on Twisted Oak *%#&@! ends Saturday… For those of you who have not heard, we love Twisted Oaks wines. Not only is the owner a former computer geek with a penchant for pirates and a strange fascination with rubber chickens, he sells some damned fine wine. And since I’m tired of Joe buying rounds for the house of this stuff at $45 a bottle at the local JSC-area watering hole, I talked […]

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Father’s Day Treasures…

Father’s Day was always a favorite holiday because my Dad appeared to be thrilled with any gift he received. “Fancy!” he’d say. And he saved everything. I mean everything. Called them his “treasures.” He’d keep them in boxes, in dressers, in desks. One entire room in the house was devoted to his “treasures.” One year I got him a solid milk chocolate bar in the shape of D-A-D. And he didn’t eat it. Not that […]

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