Pahlmeyer 2012 Merlot Napa Valley

As we sat down to dinner Sunday night to celebrate our oldest son’s birthday, we needed a special wine. We missed his 21st birthday, because he had moved out at 18 after some growing pains and parental clashes that sent him back to Ohio to stay with his mother, then south to Florida at 21 to live for a while with a cousin. This year he turned 24. 1991, the same year Alex, Joe’s oldest, […]

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Old Man Yells at Cloud. Again.

And the public gets what the public wants But I want nothing this society’s got I’m going underground – Going Underground, The Jam With those words, Paul Weller perfectly encapsulated so much. It was a worldview that once guided my generation, tiny as it is in comparison to the one before it or those that have come after. Yes, we had our sheep, as every group will, we called them “posers.” The difference was that […]

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Montefalco: Vino Magnifico

When I was a school girl learning world geography, Italy was by far the easiest to remember. The fancy high-heeled boot of a lady whose ruffled skirts were France, Switzerland and Austria. Take a closer look, at the seductively rounded calf of the leg inside the boot, and you’ll find the land of Umbria. With Tuscany to her west, Le Marche to the east and Lazio to the South, Umbria is il cuor verde d’Italia […]

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The Huxtables

Bill Cosby, Drinking and Consent

Consent is defined by West’s Encyclopedia of American Law as “voluntary acquiescence to the proposal of another; the act or result of reaching an accord; a concurrence of minds; actual willingness that an act or an infringement of an interest shall occur.” It goes on to say that “consent is an act of reason and deliberation.” Further, a person who possesses and exercises sufficient mental capacity to make an intelligent decision demonstrates consent by performing […]

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10 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Planning a visit to Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea? Well if not, you should! The Catalan capital’s influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts make Barcelona one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade and cultural centers. Last year nearly 8 million people spent the night in Barcelona, the Ciutat Comtal or City of Counts, which is Cap i Casal de Catalunya or the Head and Heart of […]

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Celebrate Languedoc Day, Friday May 29th

Friday, May 29th lovers of Languedoc wines will join together to celebrate this special region in the South of France. We made our third trip to the region last month, and can tell you the wines are better than ever! Where is the Languedoc? Pronounced “Lawn-guh-dock” by locals, and “Long-dock” by outsiders, the region curves around the Mediterranean Sea’s Golf of Lion, and encompasses 36 appellations and ‘delimited areas with protected origin status’, including 29 […]

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Celebrate National Chardonnay Day, May 21st

Today we celebrate National Chardonnay Day with California’s First Family of Chardonnay, Wente Vineyards. Now in its fifth generation of winemakers, the Wente family began in 1836, when Carl H. Wente purchased 48 acres of vineyard land in Livermore Valley, California, and built a winery. Chardonnay is synonymous with California, and so many wine growers and producers will proudly tell you that their Chardonnay is a Wente clone. But what exactly does that mean? Why […]

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Kickstarter Project: Vintage 2015: A year in American wine

After a phenomenally successful Vintage 2014 documentary last year focusing on a challenging 2014 Central Coast growing season, Wil Fernandez has set his sights bigger. In just three days, his Kickstarter project for Vintage 2015 takes off, and you can be a part of it. Wil’s energy and drive make his projects artistic, creative AND educational. He tells stories that are not being told in a meaningful way that creates evangelists for his vision. Vintage […]

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Celebrate 2015 with a Host of Bubbles and Sparklers!

Salud! Cin-Cin! 干杯  Skål!  Santé! ΥΓΕΙΑ!  Živjeli! Prost! What better way to say “Cheers” than with Champagne and sparkling wines from around the world! What makes a wine “sparkling?” Sparkling wine is different from “still” wine in that it contains significant levels of carbon dioxide which makes it fizzy. The CO2 may result from natural fermentation in a bottle or tank, or as a result of carbon dioxide injection. While the classic example of a […]

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