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Wine: Myths and Mystery, a Top Ten List

Is there any other popular beverage steeped in so much myth and mystery as wine? Even Scotch would seem to be a distant second. There is no simpler alcoholic beverage to make if you break it down by basic process alone. Get yourself some grapes, squeeze said grapes, wait. Beer requires a lot more steps, and nearly all other adult beverages begin life as beer of some kind before being distilled. How is it that […]

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Terry Hoage 2005 The Hedge

We just opened a bottle of Terry Hoage Vineyards 2005 The Hedge Syrah and it is like a wonderful time machine. Delicious from start to finish,  but from the mid-palate to the extra long finish it takes me back to my mother’s kitchen when I was a child,  and she would make strawberry jam.  Every sip reminds of the smell in the air and the flavors of the juicy fresh fruit.  As some folks down […]

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