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Photo by Thea DwelleA Toledo born, Houston-based Web designer and developer by day, Joe Power spends his nights cooking, bowling and preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. A misspent youth and failed attempt at Rock and Roll superstardom left him with little choice but to turn to a life of drink. Fueled by his passion for wine and food he created Another Wine Blog, where he serves as Editor, Publisher and All-Around Opinionated Bastard with a penchant for sharing said opinions with a sharp wit and a fierce attitude in a style reminiscent of his creative heroes: Lester Bangs, Hunter Thompson, The Ramones, Lou Reed and Lenny Bruce.

If for some strange reason you feel the need to know more about him, here is some entirely trivial information about him.

  • Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio
  • Currently resides in Houston, Texas
  • Raised two fine sons who know the difference between swill and beer, plonk and wine.
  • Completed International Sommelier Guild Wine Fundamentals I & II courses at the University of Houston.
  • Thinks lifting weights is “fun.”
  • Can cook better than your mom.
  • Makes his own beer.
  • Drinks Bourbon. Ages Bourbon. Drinks more Bourbon.
  • Music lover. Mainly listens to old Punk, Jazz, and alt-Country these days.
  • Avid football fan.
  • Loves Detroit sports teams, which makes the above point difficult.
  • Tolerates, and is semi-tolerated by a one-eyed feral cat.
  • Yearns for a dog that will terrorize intimidate said cat
  • Claims to have invented the apostrophe, and has not yet been proven to be lying.
  • Once killed a man just to watch him die. (Just checking to see if you’re still reading).
  • Drinks some.

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