Wine Intelligence admits Bias, Ulterior Motives in “Wine Blogger Distrust” Release

Last week Wine Intelligence, the self-proclaimed “leading research-led strategy consultancy serving the global wine industry,” released the following: Consumers wary of blogger recommendations, according to research Independent bloggers are one of the least trusted wine information sources in the UK, USA and France, according to research published today, despite the growing importance of the Internet as a source of information about wine. In a post yesterday on their own site they begin to backpedal: Arguably […]

Beware of Wine Bloggers!

Steve Heimoff knows a lot about wine, and he is a pretty decent writer. So, when he warns us about a new threat to the wine community we should heed his words. Here are the aforementioned words of wisdom and warning: The worst thing a wine blog can do is to shill, however inadvertantly, for a winery or region. The minute I read about someone’s “delightful” visit to so-and-so, they’ve lost me. Visits may indeed […]

Wine Judges are Inconsistent? Say it ain’t so!

In a recent study it was found that there was very few wine judges that could give consistent ratings. Repeated blind tastings of the same wines produced different scores. Part of me wants to shrug and exclaim, “Well, DUH!” Another part of me wants some sort of unreasonable and unsustainable certification process for these judges. But then wouldn’t it have to apply to wine reviewers and then trickle down to bloggers too? Bad idea, I […]

So, you want to be a blogger?

Posterior Pontifications Quite a while back Steve Heimoff wrote a piece about the state of blogging. Judging by the number of people who sent me the link, a good number of them bloggers, it was expected that I would take offense to his opinions. I didn’t take any at all. The opening statement of his post pretty much summed it all up for me…he was talking out of his ass. As that neither negates nor […]

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