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Submitting Samples for Review

Yes, Another Wine Blog does accept samples of wine,  wine-related books and wine accessories for review. If you are interested in having your wines or wine related-products reviewed on Another Wine Blog, please follow these guidelines:

        * Fill out the Industry Contact form and include a brief description of your wine or product.
        * Provide your name and e-mail address in the space provided.
        * Put “Sample for Review” in the Subject space.

Someone will respond to your request via e-mail within 72 hours, to provide an address for shipping. During summer months, we encourage you to send wine samples via FedEx, to ensure we receive your wine as it you intend it to be tasted. If you use UPS, please ensure ship-out date is on Monday or Tuesday.

Important Shipping Information

Please send a tracking number via e-mail when the shipment goes out. Without this email and tracking number, we can take no responsibility for wines that are not delivered, or that are returned to you. Also include the following, either with the samples, or in electronic form via e-mail:

      * Technical Sheet with all production notes and vintage information.
      * Approximate retail price or ex-cellar’s price.
      * A list of distributors and states where your wine is currently available.

Our Policy on Reviews

We like to tell our readers about good wines! And do not think our readers want to hear about something we don’t like, especially if we received it as a sample. While we appreciate all samples that are sent to us, we make no guarantee that we will write about them. Wines that appear here do so because we find them special. We can promise you that we will taste all wines we receive, and we’ll provide feedback, if requested, even if a review does not appear on Another Wine Blog.

Press Invitations to visit Wineries and Wine Regions

We love to visit other wine and food regions to learn about the wines and share the information with our many readers. We have visited California a number of times, Santorini in Greece, Montpellier and Carcassonne in France and Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany, Italy, and Barcelona, Spain, as part of a media group. We appreciate at least 4 weeks notice, but understand when plans come together with shorter notice. Please feel free to contact us to check our availability and requirements.

Wine Competition Judging

Amy worked a number of years on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Wine Competition Committee and has training to evaluate wine for competition purposes. She has also judged wines in Competitions. If you would like an impartial, qualified judge, please contact us to determine availability and requirements.

Wine, Spirit, Beer or Food Events

We would love to be able to cover every single event that crosses our “desk” but simply cannot be in multiple places at one time. If you would like for us to attend and cover your event, please try to send us the invitation at least a couple weeks in advance. We understand open spots, and will try to accept invitations or try to send someone on short notice invites. Well-written press releases (5Ws and an H) allow us to publicize your event easily. If you have an event you would like to announce, please send Amy an EMAIL at and put EVENT in the Subject line. Please include the event website link in the release and attach pictures for best results.

Our Policy on Wine-related Smartphone apps

We don’t use iPhones. We prefer Open Source technology, and a superior product. If you want to tell us about your newest, coolest wine app that is available for all phones, we would love to hear from you. If your app only works on iPhones, peddle it elsewhere.

Our Policy on Guests Posts

Occasionally you will see Guest Posts on our blog. All of our guests posts are written by friends, fellow wine writers, or someone we know personally in the industry who has a special insight or perspective.

We also get lots of invitations to attend wine tastings, wine maker lunches and dinners, trade tastings and other food and beverage-related events. We have full-time non-industry jobs and are sometimes unable to attend every event, so we will ask a colleague who knows something about wine and food, and the tenor of our blog to cover the event and write a guest post.

We get requests from link farms posing as “aspiring writers” asking us to place a mundane, generic, and boringly titled guest posts on our site. Heretofore we have replied to these requests with pleasant rejections only to be badgered with repeated e-mails assuring us of the writer’s utmost sincerity to simply do us a favor by providing us content, along with a link back to their own site.

We’re busy, but we’re not stupid.

So if we have not met you face-to-face or through the interwebs don’t bother asking. Because any guest post that appears on our site is something we solicited rather than the other way around.

Want to send us something to taste, try out or read? Then here’s where you do it.

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