2010 Hoopes Vineyard Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

We tasted Hoopes Vineyard 2010 Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and were impressed with its big fruit and sophisticated, nuanced tannins. Rhubarb, cherry, and black fruit aromas and flavors. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon hints of well-worn leather from a favorite old chair in the study. Quiet whispers of eucalyptus and green pepper with bright lavender on a lingering, supple finish. The 2010 vintage was aged for 32 months in 100% French Oak, 70% new. A […]

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Kelly Fleming 2010 Oakville Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc

We met Kelly Fleming for dinner one evening at Underbelly, one of Houston’s hip, fresh-ingredient restaurants in the Montrose area. Kelly was a delight to meet and both her Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc elegant and sophisticated. Since Joe was getting a bad cold when we were at the restaurant and didn’t get to properly evaluate the wines during dinner, Kelly was gracious enough to send samples of the same wines for him to taste […]

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Building Your Wine Tasting Memory

On Monday nights, Joe goes bowling. Strange for a guy who thinks football season is year ’round. But when he gets home he’s only the slightest bit hungry, so usually we just have a few snacks with our wine. Our Monday nights typically go like this. Joe: “Let’s open a bottle of wine.” Amy: “What wine would you like?” Joe: “Something red and tasty.” Which in Joespeak is usually Syrah. This particular Monday, Joe comes […]

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The Label Project: Contest Clues for Wine 3

This week Another Wine Blog is participating in The Label Project, a global initiative to go beyond the label, uncover the true character of the wine inside the bottle, and the uniqueness of the region behind it. We, as well as, over 140 bloggers from 12 different countries were invited to participate. Our wine adventure began with a well-known book and a cryptic e-mail. We then received 3 wines and corresponding clues designed to help […]

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Fresh tomatoes with basil

Wine & Food Erotica from Charlottesville, Virginia

Eric Asmiov, who writes for the New York Times “Diner’s Journal Blog”, told bloggers in his keynote speech at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia, that he learned to think about wine in terms of drinking it, as opposed to tasting it. Simply tasting it, says Asimov, misses the point in forming a connection with wine, to those of us who are passionate about it.

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Thirsty Girl hosts You Bet Shiraz!

Join us as we taste Peter Lehmann 2008 Barossa Shiraz at 7 p.m. CENTRAL (5:00 p.m. PACIFIC, 8 p.m. EASTERN) on Wednesday, May 18th with our favorite Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco’s and winemaker Ian Hongell. Ian is the Senior Winemaker at Peter Lehmann Wines. He joined the team in 1998, after working vintages in California, France and Germany as well as holding the senior winemaking position for five years at Cranswick Wines in New South […]

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Of fans and fanboys: Cornerstone Cellars

I get a kick out of fanboys (and fangirls). There is a certain phone that seems to generate some of the funniest ones around. No matter the facts, no matter the specs, no matter how often they look at other phones and wish (some openly, some not) that their phone’s aging and restrictive operating system could do the same things, they insist that they have the best phone on the planet. The things they can’t […]

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