Wines for Thanksgiving Day and Throughout the Year

It is Thanksgiving Day and many wine shops are closed. You, consumer, were so busy making sure you ordered the fresh turkey, picked up the Parker House rolls, the cranberries, the sweet potatoes, the relatives from the airport and set aside time to create the perfect brine to bathe the bird overnight, that you forgot to pick out the perfect wine to pair with your blessed bounty. Relax, your dinner will not be a disaster. […]

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Worldly Lodi offers ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking for Thanksgiving

1969 is a pivotal year in America. Apollo 11 lands on the moon, and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are the first men to walk on its surface. The first communications are sent through ARPANET and PBS is established. Nearly 400,000 rock-n-roll fans descend upon a dairy farm in the Catskills of New York for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair – billed as 3 Days of Peace & Music that features 32 acts including […]

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Open post

%#&@ the Pilgrims!

WARNING! The following post may contain language, ideas, and humor that some might consider offensive. If you feel that you might be one of these people then this post might be about you or someone you know and we highly recommend that you use your back button or click here for an excellent turkey brining article. Yum, turkey! With stuffing too! Mmmm! Buh-bye now. Enjoy your brined turkey.

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Wine, Women & Hurricane Ike: On Being Thankful

It has been two months since Hurricane Ike made landfall with a direct hit to Galveston, roaring up through Houston and wreaking havoc and damages estimated to go up to as high as $21 billion. That figure would make Hurricane Ike the third most expensive storm in U.S history, behind Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew. But monetary damage is not the only measure of the storm’s destruction. Whole communities were wiped from the map. Galveston Island, […]

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