Mardi Gras: Pairing Wine with King Cake (Galette des Rois)

Wine with cake? Laissez les bon temps rouler! Fat Tuesday means King Cake, and we have just the recipe and the wine for you to spread the joie de vivre and as you celebrate Mardi Gras festivities! In the United States’ Christian traditions, Mardi Gras ( Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday) is the Tuesday before Lent when those preparing to fast celebrate with rich fatty foods, wine and perhaps a bit of debauchery. Beads, candy and […]

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Celebrate 2015 with a Host of Bubbles and Sparklers!

Salud! Cin-Cin! 干杯  Skål!  Santé! ΥΓΕΙΑ!  Živjeli! Prost! What better way to say “Cheers” than with Champagne and sparkling wines from around the world! What makes a wine “sparkling?” Sparkling wine is different from “still” wine in that it contains significant levels of carbon dioxide which makes it fizzy. The CO2 may result from natural fermentation in a bottle or tank, or as a result of carbon dioxide injection. While the classic example of a […]

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Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

If you are like me, you purchased your holiday gifts months ago. But if you are more excited by the idea of last-minute gift giving, you started shopping yesterday, and are ready to pay a premium for shipping. Looking for the perfect gift for your wine or spirits lover? If you have a friend into wine or spirits, purchasing the perfect gift can be tricky. Is the person new to wine, or a connoisseur? For serious connoisseurs, […]

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