Fantastic Sangria Recipe

This is definitely a sangria with some zing. Give it a try on a hot summer afternoon. 1 bottle of Zinfandel or Syrah 2 cups Vernor’s ginger ale 1/4 cup simple syrup 2 lemons cut into wedges 1 orange cut into wedges 2 limes cut into wedges 1 ruby red grapefruit, segmented 1 oz good gin Make sure that all ingredients are well chilled before combining if you plan to serve this right away, if […]

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White Wine Sangria Recipe

A couple of days ago I recommended Polka Dot Riesling as a good wine to eat while cooking barbecue, yesterday I used it to make a nice cold, refreshing sangria to drink WHILE I was barbecuing. This white sangria tastes like a crisp, tart lemonade, but much less sweet. Start by chilling a bottle of a bottle of white wine of your choice, I liked the way that the Polka Dot worked in this, but […]

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