Ponzi Vineyards 2007 Arneis

Arneis is a grape that I was completely unfamiliar with until this single varietal from the Willamette Valley showed up on my doorstop courtesy of one of my favorite wine clubs. Arneis means “little rascal” in the Northern Italian dialect of Piedmontese, and gets its name due to having a reputation as being hard to grow. It is typically used in blends, often with reds in the manner that Viognier is sometimes used in France. […]

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Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2001

For my money, Côtes du Rhône wines are some of the best values going. The better ones can deliver almost everything their much more expensive cousins do. The problem is that there are quite a few that do not deliver much of anything. The trick is in finding the really good ones. While I haven’t yet discovered any such trick, I have lucked onto a few. The 2001 Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages is definitely […]

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