I Found Out on Facebook….

There are lovers and haters of Facebook. For the haters, it can be more than you ever wanted to know about your adult child who hints he is destitute and then sends out an “I’m having a kick-ass party” status two hours after you sent him “gas money” and has posted pictures of said party on the night he allegedly needed the gas to get to work. It can also provide you more than you ever […]

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Building Your Wine Tasting Memory

On Monday nights, Joe goes bowling. Strange for a guy who thinks football season is year ’round. But when he gets home he’s only the slightest bit hungry, so usually we just have a few snacks with our wine. Our Monday nights typically go like this. Joe: “Let’s open a bottle of wine.” Amy: “What wine would you like?” Joe: “Something red and tasty.” Which in Joespeak is usually Syrah. This particular Monday, Joe comes […]

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The Perfect Wine…

Would you drink the perfect wine if it meant you could never drink another wine afterwards? That was the questioned posed by one wine writer on twitter. Another writer asked, by whose definition? “It would be a wine all essentially accepted as perfect. Not a wine based in reality,” said the first writer, “but a hypothetical perfection.” I argued there is no such thing as a universally agreed upon ‘perfect’ wine, and that one could […]

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The Label Project: Contest Clues for Wine 3

This week Another Wine Blog is participating in The Label Project, a global initiative to go beyond the label, uncover the true character of the wine inside the bottle, and the uniqueness of the region behind it. We, as well as, over 140 bloggers from 12 different countries were invited to participate. Our wine adventure began with a well-known book and a cryptic e-mail. We then received 3 wines and corresponding clues designed to help […]

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Wine Tasting Blind: The Label Project Contest

Part of any respectable sommelier program includes identification of wines through only the wine student’s sensory perceptions. Be it the Court of Master Sommeliers, Institute of Masters of Wines or International Sommelier Guild, to name a few, the student learns to identify the grape varietal, region of origin, alcohol by volume and often even the vintage of the wine, simply through sight, smell and taste. Joe learned to do so through courses with the International […]

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Open post

Is PR Giving You a Bad Name?

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity. The thought is that even bad press is better than no press at all. Perhaps. But what happens when marketing and PR gets between you and the press? Sometimes the best stories are never told. Why? Because somewhere along the line the guy or gal you hired to do your marketing decides he or she should control who tells your story — not you. That’s […]

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7 Things You Might Not Know…

Since attending the first Wine Bloggers’ Conference in 2008 in Santa Rosa, I’ve spent a lot of time “palling around with terroirists” and got to know The Beer Wench in the process. Ashley’s is one of the few blogs to which I actually subscribe. I notice she has been posting quite often lately, thus shaming me even more for my failure to post at least every other day. So I thought I’d take her up on her little challenge, and actually do something I rarely do, actually “blog.”

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