A Perfect Day

Oh, it’s such a perfect day I’m glad I spent it with you Oh, such a perfect day You just keep me hanging on You just keep me hanging on – Perfect Day, Lou Reed The way this wicked world has turned, a good moment can be hard to come by. So when a perfect day comes along, well, that’s something to cherish. Shared even, if possible. Here is my attempt to share it gladly with […]

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This may be my new favorite wine. A GSM (SMG?) from Languedoc, it’s certainly one of the best things that I’ve tasted on our trip to France, and given the quality and quantity of wines we’ve had that’s saying a lot. The nose will grab you, and the flavors? Holy schist! This wine is young and fresh, but so very balanced. Very bright fruit, but also rich and satisfying. What it does with duck should […]

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Celebrate Your Love with Sparkling Wine from Limoux!

Wine lovers in Houston and nationally are discovering sparkling wines that originated nearly 100 years before Dom Pérignon was born, and years before Champagne became the wine of celebrations. To taste true tradition first created by Benedictine Monks in the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire, look to the wine region in southern France near Carcassonne and the eastern foothills of the Pyrénées — Limoux. One of my favorite regions to visit during the annual Terroirs et Millésimes […]

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Another Wine Blog Wine Reviews featured on Snooth!

Another Wine Blog is now a monthly contributor to Snooth, the world’s largest comprehensive wine community with over 1 million users! Based in New York City, Snooth features millions of price listings and wine reviews, and powers wine and food pairings for major sites including Conde Nast’s Epicurious.com and Time Inc.’s myRecipes.com. So just how did we get involved? Another Wine Blog was first featured in Snooth’s Witty Wine Blog recommendations: “What We’ve Been Reading” […]

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Celebrate Languedoc Day, Friday May 29th

Friday, May 29th lovers of Languedoc wines will join together to celebrate this special region in the South of France. We made our third trip to the region last month, and can tell you the wines are better than ever! Where is the Languedoc? Pronounced “Lawn-guh-dock” by locals, and “Long-dock” by outsiders, the region curves around the Mediterranean Sea’s Golf of Lion, and encompasses 36 appellations and ‘delimited areas with protected origin status’, including 29 […]

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Wine Tasting, How Not To Do It

I don’t particularly care for large tastings. I’ve been trained to do it, and have enough experience to be qualified to do it competently. But I don’t like doing it all that much. The same goes for tasting and evaluating wine on its own. I am actually quite good at it,  but it is not something I relish doing. It seems to me that these things are the equivalent of studying the words in a […]

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A Languedoc Top Ten List

Okay, so it’s really two Top Five lists about Languedoc put together. Quit being so anal, it adds up! It is truly a shame that Languedoc is not more well-known, so first up… Top 5 reasons you may not know Languedoc: 1. Too much time spent on things that the consumer doesn’t care about such as appellation arguments. 2. No truly defining style. 3. Confusing labels (for the consumer) 4. Diversity provides overwhelming number of […]

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Languedoc Day is May 30 – Celebrate South of France wines!

Join us this Friday, as we toast the wines from the region we love in the South of France — Languedoc! May 30, 2014 is officially Languedoc Day, and we will join wine lovers all over the world as they tweet about this important wine region using the hashtag #LanguedocDay. Beaucoup des cepages! (Many Grape Varieties!) With a typically Mediterranean climate and wide variety of soils, from pebbly terraces, sandstone and marl, limestone and schist, […]

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