Wine Travel Loire Valley: The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud

This place is immense, I think to myself as I descend from the hill where the shuttle from the train station deposits us. And white. So white that it is difficult to take a proper picture in the sun. White gravel turns my black shoes dusty. White stone walls reach toward the blue sky. White steps. White walls. White arches. White like a nun’s coiffe that represents part of its heritage but also belies some […]

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Wine Tasting, How Not To Do It

I don’t particularly care for large tastings. I’ve been trained to do it, and have enough experience to be qualified to do it competently. But I don’t like doing it all that much. The same goes for tasting and evaluating wine on its own. I am actually quite good at it,  but it is not something I relish doing. It seems to me that these things are the equivalent of studying the words in a […]

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Celebrate Champagne Day: October 25, 2013

Kleenex. Xerox. Band-Aids. These were once brands names that are now used generically, to mean facial tissue, copies and adhesive bandages. But Champagne is not one of those words. Now in its fourth year, Champagne Day, set for Friday, October 25, 2013, seeks to remind the world that Champagne is not just a type of wine; it is a distinctive region in France. “Mais non!” you say. “I have tasted Champagne from California!” Perhaps you […]

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