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Pedro Ferrer and Dolors Sala

Freixenet: It is All about Family

Used to be here in America, people went to work for a company after high school or college and stayed with that same company until they retired. It is still that way in pockets of the United States and in some industries, where one can rise up through the ranks to become head of a division or company from more humble beginnings. But more often than not, to get ahead one must switch jobs and […]

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Another Wine Blog Wine Reviews featured on Snooth!

Another Wine Blog is now a monthly contributor to Snooth, the world’s largest comprehensive wine community with over 1 million users! Based in New York City, Snooth features millions of price listings and wine reviews, and powers wine and food pairings for major sites including Conde Nast’s and Time Inc.’s So just how did we get involved? Another Wine Blog was first featured in Snooth’s Witty Wine Blog recommendations: “What We’ve Been Reading” […]

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10 Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

Planning a visit to Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea? Well if not, you should! The Catalan capital’s influence in commerce, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts make Barcelona one of the world’s leading tourist, economic, trade and cultural centers. Last year nearly 8 million people spent the night in Barcelona, the Ciutat Comtal or City of Counts, which is Cap i Casal de Catalunya or the Head and Heart of […]

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Game Day Cocktail: The Black Luxury

I love a good, dark beer. But sometimes beer brandishing the color and viscosity of used motor oil does not appeal to everyone. Enter The Black Luxury; a game day cocktail that combines the seductive sophistication of Spain with America’s favorite pastime – football. If you’re a regular reader you know we love Cava, the Spanish sparkling wine created in 1872 by Josep Raventós. From the same word in Latin for cave, “cava” is a […]

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