Méthode WineWonkette: DIY Fancy French Ginger Liqueur

I love ginger! I must try this at home, I think to myself as I sip Frank Plusk’s signature Domaine de Canton 2014 Global Bartender of the Year contest entry cocktail while chatting with a wine country friend in town for the weekend. So the next day I head to the Downtown Specs Liquor Warehouse (Smith Street) to pick up a bottle of Domaine de Canton to make my own Asian Lemon Drop Martini. I […]

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Onion Tart – Perfect for your holiday party or New Year’s brunch

This onion tart is the perfect complement to just about any sparkling wine. Take it to an office holiday potluck, serve it at your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, or best of all for a holiday brunch. Then make it all year long if you want, and I believe you will want. If you’ve never had one, or only had them improperly prepared, an onion tart may not sound like the most appetizing dish. […]

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June 10th is National Iced Tea Day!

It was one of those days. In a long line of them. Three days before tax filing day my laptop crashed. The morning after another raucous TasteLive! event, I run a Microsoft update. Being late for work, and forgetting that I still have the winery’s media DVD in the drive, I choose “Install and shut down” and leave for work. Unfortunately, when I get home and attempt to start up the computer it goes into […]

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Sinfully Decadent Delights and Festive Champagne

There is a much-repeated myth that great sex stops after marriage. Politely speaking, a number of euphemisms come to mind. At worst, “that well dries up” and at best; “dessert turns to the plain vanilla variety.” Big Pharma’s latest goldmine promises to restore the dying embers. Names like Cialis and Viagra flash across the television screen while she wonders ‘why are they in separate bathtubs?” and he; “is there really anything wrong with more than […]

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What can a chicken teach us?

Hey man where’d you get That lotion? I been hurting Since I bought the gimmick About something called love Yeah something called love That’s like hypnotizing chickens Well I am just a modern guy Of course I’ve had it in the ear before -Lust for Life, Iggy Pop Why is it that some of the simplest things in life are the ones we never take the time to learn to do right? Since we can […]

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Easy Turkey Brine

Longtime readers know that this time every year I extol the virtues of making a brine starting with a homemade stock. It is a time-intensive process, although not really hard to do. Not this year. I am going to try something new, I’m going to cut corners, cheat, wuss out…whatever you want to call it. I know, it’s disappointing, but lets look at this as a scientific endeavor. Don’t worry, no actual science will be […]

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Roasting Peppers

There are few things easier and more tasty than roasted peppers. Whether sweet reds, mildly tangy pablano, or fiery habeneros, roasting brings out the best in most peppers. The natural flavors of the peppers deepen and mellow with roasting. The skin chars and flakes away leaving only the succulent meat of the pepper. As far as I know there is no correct way to roast a pepper, but there are plenty of folks who are […]

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Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 9 – pizza)

This is part 9 of our on-going Home Superstar Chef series. The previous posts in this series were Part 1 – Good Pans, Part 2 – Shallots, Part 3 – Pine Nuts, Part 4 – Knives,  Part 5 – High Heat Cooking, Part 6 – Restaurant Supply Houses, Part 7 – Pork Chops and Part 8 – Garlic. This entry will deal with pizza. We have probably all seen the commercial on TV hawking a […]

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