The Fine Art of Giving Back

I believe some of us are blessed with certain gifts — be it the ability to make money; the ability to build houses; the ability to advocate in court; or the ability to cook — that obligate us to “give back.” For me, it’s because I feel that God blesses some of us with gifts. And with this blessing also comes the the responsibility take care of those less fortunate. Wolfgang Puck talks about that same obligation to “give back,” in accepting Wine Spectator’s 2008 Distinguished Service Award.

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Didn’t I say not to go out for Valentine’s Day?

Last year I wrote about the horrors of going out for Valentine’s Day. I even posted alternative ideas for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Here are some excerpts of what I wrote: If Valentine’s Day had an equivalent to Scrooge, I would be a natural in the role. I spout all of the usual reasons for disliking it, such as it being in existence solely to sell cards, etc., that are almost as cliche as cupid […]

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Darioush Napa Valley Cabernet 2005

For Christmas Amy’s brother Scott bought us a bottle of Darioush Napa Valley Cabernet. As Amy wrote previously, Scott put a lot of thought into his gift. As they say in my old neighborhood, he done good. The color in the glass is a deep, dark purple with brilliant garnet red around the edges that sparkle and entice the drinker to swirl an extra time or two. Eventually swirling gets boring and it is time […]

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Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 5 – High Heat)

This is part 5 of an open-ended and ongoing series of posts. In case you missed them, the previous posts were Part 1 – Good Pans, Part 2 – Shallots, Part 3 – Pine Nuts, and Part 4 – Knives. One thing that a lot of home chefs are afraid of is very high heat. I would venture to guess that just about every person that has ever tried their hand at cooking has decided […]

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Another Wine Byte 5: Descriptive Terms

Here is the fifth in our weekly series of Another Wine Bytes; information about wine you can use to impress your friends (but not in an obnoxious way, of course!) AWByte #5 – Length, Aftertaste & Finish Ever notice how the flavor of some wines disappears almost immediately after you swallow, but others linger in your mouth?  Wine connoisseurs refer to this as the “length” of the wine, but I like to call it “Hang […]

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I wanted fish for dinner tonight, but settled for tilapia instead. Is there anything on earth that is more tasteless than tilapia? I couldn’t refuse the price when I was at the grocery store, it was half the cost of the next cheapest fish and the first bite reminded me why. This stuff is useless. In my arrogance, I assumed that I could just make a wonderfully tasty sauce and mask the fact that this […]

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