In Sonoma – A look ahead

Amy and I arrived in San Francisco last Wednesday where we met up with some fellow wino bloggers.  It has been a whirlwind tour of some of the best of California’s wine country ever since. Things are about to get even more crazy as today we meet up with even more winos/bloggers for the a spate of barrel tastings in Sonoma. So please bear with us as our posts are a little sporadic, we are […]

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What to do with leftover wine?

Leftover wine? I am sure that many of you, like myself, have a difficult time grasping that concept. I have heard rumors, however, that such a thing actually exists. Should such an unfortunate situation ever occur, below are some suggestions on how to make sure that it does not go to waste. Oxygen begins working on your wine as soon as you pull the cork. It does not actually make it go “bad,” but it […]

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Guest Review – Jacob Power reviews sparkling wine

On the most recent Open That Bottle Night Amy and I opened a very nice bottle and enjoyed every drop. In honor of the event we purchased a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling wine for my kids. My youngest, Jacob, who recently turned 14, asked if he could review it for the site. Of course I was flattered and proud that he would want to do such a thing. Here is what my little angel wrote: […]

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The Grapes of Rant: Wine Blog Awards are Corked

It is apparent that Tom Wark knows and loves wine, is a serious and passionate blogger, and has a sincere desire to help and advance other bloggers. That said, for the second year in a row Tom has horribly botched the American Wine Blog Awards. The categories are narrow and then further limited by restrictions, yet the standard for what constitutes a blog is exceptionally broad. This is a terrible formula for giving awards that should be about promoting and advancing the diverse wine blogging community. Instead of being about recognizing the hard, unpaid effort that so many bloggers put into their labors of love, and the exceptional ability and skill of so many unsung writers that make up the real blogging community, the ones that seeks to push the envelope, these awards seem to be geared for recognizing the already recognized.

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Toasting my Father, Six Months After Ike

We went down to Kemah today to buy some seafood to go with a white wine we planned to drink for Open That Bottle Night and Twitter Taste Live. I’d heard it was bad. Hurricane Ike. Direct hit. I hadn’t gone anywhere near there in the daylight since the storm because I just didn’t want to see all the devastation. But since it’d been nearly six months, we thought perhaps our favorite place “Rose’s Seafood” would be open.

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Can a Pretty Bottle Improve Plonk?

Can Pretty Improve Plonk? Now while the attractiveness of the wine maker or the person pouring the wine might not, on its own, make one more inclined to give the wine a positive review, I think it might cause the taster to want to rate the wine more highly. Or for someone who prides himself on being completely unbiased towards a wine from a good-looking wine maker, that he might want to judge a wine more harshly when poured by a young, attractive pourer with very little wine knowledge to impart.

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