Project Y-ine Makes A Brief Stop in Houston

Yesterday the ladies of Project Y-ine left New Orleans and headed for Houston, Texas. They were running a bit behind schedule. They had stopped in Lafayette for lunch. “What is the law in Texas about the passenger drinking a beer??” At 6:18 p.m. CDT I got the above text from Shana. I shot back, “I don’t think you can have booze open in the car at all.” Then I looked it up just to make […]

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Project Y-ine Takes On Texas: Part I

The road trip has commenced, and Ashley and Shana are making their way towards Texas. The ladies of Project Y-ine spent the last couple days in New Orleans, and from reading their exploits, were guests in a palatial New Orleans’ mansion.We’re not quite sure if it was an Antebellum style but suffice it to say, Chez Another Wine Blog has that more “lived in” look and feel. We did, however, get the teenagers to clean […]

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Project Y-ine – World Tour 2009

Some friends of ours have launched a new research project called Project Y-ine, and have taken it on the road. Amy and I are definitely not part of Generation Y, but since we were born between Gen X and the Boomers, we have no particular generational allegiences and fully support this project. As it involves drinking beer and wine with our delightful friends Ashley (The Beer Wench) and Shana Ray (Sharayray) and very little other […]

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One for You, Two for Me: Blending Can be FUN!

Joe definitely is the cook in our house.  He has also had success making his own beer. But there is a little something I can brag about from out latest trip to Wine Country – blending. I won two of three blending contests. My individual honor came at a blending session in the wine cave at HALL, after we and a few other wine journalists (aka bloggers) spent the day learning about the HALL practices […]

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Bread Porn

We spend so much time trying to protect ourselves and our families from various microbes and the ensuing spoilage that they can cause that most of us probably do not stop and think about the wonders that they also produce. Imagine life without fermentation, If you are a regular reader of this space, chances are that is a very scary proposition. Fermentation is really nothing more than complex organic substances being broken down into simpler […]

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Beware of Wine Bloggers!

Steve Heimoff knows a lot about wine, and he is a pretty decent writer. So, when he warns us about a new threat to the wine community we should heed his words. Here are the aforementioned words of wisdom and warning: The worst thing a wine blog can do is to shill, however inadvertantly, for a winery or region. The minute I read about someone’s “delightful” visit to so-and-so, they’ve lost me. Visits may indeed […]

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