Perfect turkey brine – for Thanksgiving

I published this recipe last year. It was also how I served the very best turkey I have ever eaten last Thanksgiving, so I figured it was worth repeating. I hope everyone enjoys it. I think that most home chefs have gotten the word that brining is a crucial step when cooking turkey. If not, they should. Brining your bird brings flavor, texture, and most importantly, moisture to the table. If you are already hip […]

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Easy Holiday Banana Bread

I like my bananas a little green. My family doesn’t. But sometimes our bananas get way too ripe to be eaten alone. What to do? Make Banana Bread! My mom used to make hers in a coffee can. Lucky for me, there are perfectly sized loaf pans available. But not all pans are created equal! If you select a glass bake ware pan or a dark, non-stick pan, reduce the oven temperature of your recipes […]

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Turkey and Cannellini beans with Terlato Pinot Grigio

The other night I came home to the usual question of  “What are you fixing for dinner?” As I had not gone to the grocery store in quite some time, and had been pulling things out of the freezer and the pantry to see what I could make for almost a week, it was a question that I was having a very difficult time answering. Not wanting to get back in my car and driving […]

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Wine Tasting Clubs: Solving the Mystery One Glass at a Time

I had heard my husband talk about Iris for weeks during his ISG studies but didn’t meet her until the class got together for a holiday party last December. Many of the students had obtained part-time pouring gigs at local Houston wine bars. But we found ourselves at Iris’ tastings most often—because she was pouring on weekends and her bubbly personality is just so hard to resist.

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Fusebox Blending – Joe’s Perspective

A couple of weeks ago Amy talked about how Crushpad sent us their Fusebox blending kit. They sent it to 10 different wine bloggers as a competition to see who could produce the best wine blend and the best labels. For those who didn’t read that post, the Fusebox includes everything that you need to blend your own Bordeaux blend. It has beakers, pipettes, tasting sheets, instructions, recipes, tips, and of course, wine. All of […]

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