Examples of Great Design in Wine and Food Blogs

There are so many ways to blog these days that make it so easy for anyone to jump in with both feet and begin expressing themselves in ways that would have been impossible even a few years ago. Options that range from micro-blogging 140 characters at a time on Twitter, to Tumblr (provide an email address and a name, and you are a blogger!) to full-blown self-hosted WordPress sites. Even the last option is not […]

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Wine Blogger Awards: Still Corked After All These Years

The finalists for the 2010 Wine Blog awards were announced today and I had high hopes that I wouldn’t have to write this annual column again this year. Unfortunately, here we go again. Until this year the awards have been handed out by Tom Wark who runs an excellent wine blog entitled Fermentation. In addition to that he is a wine consumer advocate. I respect him for those things. What he is not very good […]

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Another Wine Blog Wins Washington Wine Tour!

We are there, dude! After much anticipation, the nice people from WineCHATr.com announced the winners for WBC-or-Bust, a three-day excursion from Seattle to Walla Walla, Washington for the 2010 Wine Bloggers’ Conference. The WBC-or-BUST Washington wine industry campaign and contest was created to draw national attention to Washington wine regions and wineries, while building interest and excitement for this year’s WBC event in Walla Walla. Bloggers were invited to sign up on WineCHATr.com and blog […]

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How sweet it is! Sickly sweet even…

The other night we participated in an on-line tasting of Texas wine. There were four wines, all provided by Mandola winery located in Driftwood, Texas. Amy and I had stopped there one afternoon a few years ago on our way home from the BBQ capitol of the universe. At the time, it appeared that they had just planted their vines, and indeed they were making wine with grapes that had been shipped in. The wine […]

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Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 9 – pizza)

This is part 9 of our on-going Home Superstar Chef series. The previous posts in this series were Part 1 – Good Pans, Part 2 – Shallots, Part 3 – Pine Nuts, Part 4 – Knives,  Part 5 – High Heat Cooking, Part 6 – Restaurant Supply Houses, Part 7 – Pork Chops and Part 8 – Garlic. This entry will deal with pizza. We have probably all seen the commercial on TV hawking a […]

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