Ramblings from 30,000 feet and many miles from home

I seem to talk a lot about planes these days. Morning in Houston will soon fade into morning in Athens. Amy and I are hurling through the inky void on our way to the fabled island of Santorini. The fact that we are traveling at 30,000 feet while maintaining a speed of almost 650 miles an hour as we travel over 6000 miles in less than a day day barely registers as remarkable. In fact, […]

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Exhausted thoughts from a plane

Having just lifted off from my connecting flight out of Denver that is returning me back to Houston from Seattle, I began to contemplate whether there were many things more needlessly gut-wrenching than a plane banking into a turn, while simultaneously encountering turbulence and dropping a bit. Then I recalled that part of the reason I was even on this plane is that I had spoken as a panelist at the Wine Bloggers Conference in […]

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