Ramblings from 30,000 feet and many miles from home

I seem to talk a lot about planes these days. Morning in Houston will soon fade into morning in Athens. Amy and I are hurling through the inky void on our way to the fabled island of Santorini. The fact that we are traveling at 30,000 feet while maintaining a speed of almost 650 miles an hour as we travel over 6000 miles in less than a day day barely registers as remarkable. In fact, […]

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Exhausted thoughts from a plane

Having just lifted off from my connecting flight out of Denver that is returning me back to Houston from Seattle, I began to contemplate whether there were many things more needlessly gut-wrenching than a plane banking into a turn, while simultaneously encountering turbulence and dropping a bit. Then I recalled that part of the reason I was even on this plane is that I had spoken as a panelist at the Wine Bloggers Conference in […]

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WBC-or-Bust! We Made it to Walla Walla

We’ve said before wine tasting can be hard work. After two days of tasting starting in Seattle, heading to Woodinville, back to Seattle, then making our way southeast, we are finally in Walla Walla, Washington. I’m drinking my first actual full glass of wine, sitting on a big comfy bed at Vine & Roses Bed and Breakfast, compliments of the Walla Walla Bed & Breakfast Inns Association. Learning from past experience, I merely swirled, sipped, […]

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Wine Glass Give-Away! Win a trip to Napa!

Master Sommelier Andrea Immer Robinson creates a new wine tasting experience, with the launch of The OneTM–wine glasses that take the guesswork out of wine tasting. Not only can you win a set of these glasses on Another Wine Blog; if you act FAST, you might just win a trip to Napa! The OneTM: Wine Glasses for the Sensible Wine Lover These are practical, sensible glasses; one for red and another for white. They’re dishwasher […]

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