Another Wine Blogger: Meet the Cellarmistress

According to Mr. Google, there are thousands of wine and food blogs. The number and ranking of the blogs is in a constant state of flux, as new people come into the blogosphere and others find they just don’t have the time to keep up. For instance a google search today for “Wine Blog” ranks Another Wine Blog fourth. And a search under “wine” ranks AWB Number 13 for “wine” and the third actual wine […]

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Falling Prey to Wine Rating Peer Pressure

This is one of the reasons we at Another Wine Blog don’t rate wines and very rarely tell you about the wines we don’t like. We don’t give points, or grades, or stars, or thumbs up or down. While we do pay attention to Robert Parker, Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and Stephen Tanzer, we figure most other ratings are pretty subjective. And we figure you have enough numbers and letters to think about without our adding to the mix.

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Vinsanto, and some unconventional uses

A little about Vinsanto On the island of Santorini they grow a small variety of grapes. Most of these have names that can be quite difficult for people like me to pronounce. Names like Xinomavro, Moschofilero, and Agiorghitiko do not exactly roll off of my tongue with ease. Then again, my native English has been known to desert me at times. If you want to learn more about the grapes of Santorini, with pronunciation keys […]

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Ramblings from 30,000 feet and many miles from home

I seem to talk a lot about planes these days. Morning in Houston will soon fade into morning in Athens. Amy and I are hurling through the inky void on our way to the fabled island of Santorini. The fact that we are traveling at 30,000 feet while maintaining a speed of almost 650 miles an hour as we travel over 6000 miles in less than a day day barely registers as remarkable. In fact, […]

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