Wineries help raise $300k for Scholarships, Education

A highlight of the evening was the Wine Pull Event where guests were invited to purchase a cork “pull” for $25. Each cork corresponded to one bottle of wine valued $25 or higher. Planned to last the entire evening, the event was so popular that all 104 of the “pulls” (and wines!) were awarded by 8:00 p.m. when dinner service began. Excited participants deemed the pull, the “Best Event Ever!”

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Where are all the good Wine Apps?

I was lucky enough recently to attend South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi). The company I work for apparently thought that my friend and co-worker, Charles, and I needed to spend some time among our own kind and very nicely sent us off to Austin. Personally, I think they just wanted to have a week of peace and quiet without us running through the halls with scissors and shouting about standards, 508 compliance, and that design […]

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Open post

Wine Reviews are Bullshit!

Penn and Teller have a series on Showtime called Bullshit where they expose things that they consider to be, well…bullshit. They choose a topic each week, such as Martial Arts, Life Coaches, the U.S. Criminal Justice System, or Abstinence, and spend 30 minutes ripping it to shreds before unequivocally declaring it “bullshit!” Today, with apologies to messieurs Penn and Teller, I am going to stand up and shout, “Wine reviews are bullshit!” If you are […]

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7 Things You Might Not Know…

Since attending the first Wine Bloggers’ Conference in 2008 in Santa Rosa, I’ve spent a lot of time “palling around with terroirists” and got to know The Beer Wench in the process. Ashley’s is one of the few blogs to which I actually subscribe. I notice she has been posting quite often lately, thus shaming me even more for my failure to post at least every other day. So I thought I’d take her up on her little challenge, and actually do something I rarely do, actually “blog.”

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Where I like to drink here in Houston

The focus of this blog has never been local, but given that we live in the fourth largest city in the U.S. and the fact that it seems that everyone has to pass through here at some time in their life, it is inevitable that we’ll write about Houston now and then. Despite the fact that this city, not to mention this state, have a way of getting on my last carpetbagging nerves at times, […]

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How ironic!

I write a post last week about how dedicated to this blog Amy and I are, then we don’t post for another week. Damn you Murphy! So, why haven’t we posted? What have we been doing? Those are fair questions, and you should have asked Amy instead of me. She, despite her chosen profession, is the more honest of us. I might just make some shit up to amuse you, or hell, just me. Truth […]

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Why I keep writing this blog

Writing a blog can be a very difficult thing. It didn’t start out that way, but after almost four years and close to 600 posts it can be tough to keep plugging away. Not that we are anywhere close to packing it in, I’m just saying there are a lot of reasons that most blogs don’t last very long. Starting a blog is a lot like getting a new puppy or kitten. They are demanding, […]

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Romance, Hearts & Wine: Advice for Men on Valentine’s Day

We women love romance, I don’t care what protestations we might make. So when someone asks, what is your first romantic memory involving wine, I can point to it most unequivocally, and tell you that it happened when the only thing I knew about wine was that it was made from grapes and contained alcohol. Most Romantic First Date Ever I met this guy in a wine bar. But not like you think. My friend […]

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How to survive an intercontinental flight.

Traveling overseas would be one of life’s greatest pleasures if it didn’t require the traveling overseas part. In my estimation we’re about a decade late on getting those transporter things that Star Trek promised us. Until that happens we will continue to fly for so many hours there and back that our fear of a crash occurring gets replaced by the thought that it might actually be merciful. So, here are a few helpful hints […]

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