Wines of France Visits Underbelly in Houston

Wines of France hosted an event in July that paired French wines with foods that are Houston-inspired and created by Chef Chris Shepard from Underbelly. Part of an ambitious summer tour to expose people to French wine as an everyday wine that pairs well with American cuisine, Wines of France hosted events in Chicago, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston and New Orleans. Each city was carefully chosen for its wine-loving populations and vibrant local culinary […]

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Meet AWB Guest Blogger Hank Greer

Many of our Houston wine friends attended class with Joe at the University of Houston, through the International Sommelier Guild.  I met Hank Greer, along with Iris Allen, at an end-of-semester Christmas party in 2007 to help celebrate the completion of ISG Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1. I felt I already knew them, since Joe shared stories about class, and some of the classmates with which he had a natural affinity. While we keep in […]

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A Symphony of Artistry: Cornerstone Oregon Pinot Noir

I am sitting at my kitchen table looking out the window after a rainstorm. The blinds are half-mast, so I cannot see the gray sky. My view is just of the yard to the top of our wood fence and is filled with bright green framed by the slats of the fence, some still wet and some drying, so they remind me of weathered wine barrels. All I can hear is the plop, plop, plop […]

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Those Scary French Wines

French wine can scare even a seasoned wino, after all it is so, so, so…French! As a wise man once said, “French wine is very intimidating and should be imbibed by only the most seasoned, veteran aficionado of wine.” That wise man? Me! Pay attention, I just said it a second ago and you were sitting right there. Try and keep up, will you? Now if I have ever said that previously, it was probably because I was […]

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2007 Château La Nerthe Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge

We first tasted Château La Nerthe at Millésime Bio in the South of France. Then delightfully again, at Phillipe in Houston, Texas at Hospice du Rhone in Paso Robles, California and once again at L’Olivier in Houston. It never fails to disappoint. Like nearly all Châteauneuf-du-Pape, it’s dusty and austere in younger vintages. The wine needs time to languish in the bottle, for nature and good cellaring to take its course and turn the dominatrix […]

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Live Tasting: Join us for Kunde Live on June 7th!

Join us tomorrow evening (Thursday, June 7) as we experience three new wine releases from Kunde Family Estates. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. Houston time (8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific) we will join fourth generation winegrowers Marcia and Jeff Kunde along with Winemaker Zach Long to taste and learn more about wines farmed from Kunde’s estate in the heart of Sonoma Valley. Acquired by founder Louis Kunde who emigrated from Germany and purchased the original Wildwood Vineyards […]

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Amy rides the short bus!

Oops, that should read Amy makes the short LIST! I have absolutely no idea how that headline could have gotten up there, but when I find the responsible party, heads will roll! Since my wife isn’t blowing her own horn over this, I will proudly do it for her. We had a few of our posts accepted into the competition for the Born Digital Wine Awards, and they recently announced the finalists, or their short list, […]

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

You have to choose Play with the boys You’re bound to lose A bottle in one hand A can in the other Don’t fool around ’cause they’re real mean mothers –Wild in the Streets, Circle Jerks For the past couple of months, and then culminating in this past weekend’s NFL draft, Mel Kiper Jr’s face and voice have been everywhere. For those that don’t follow football, he is ESPN’s draft “guru.” What makes him a […]

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