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Best Wine I’ve Had Lately

Bedrock Hudson Vineyard North "Pleine de Chêne" Carneros Syrah with grilled lamb, roasted potatoes and green beans with garlic. Fantastic! Even more delicious by itself afterwards! I really wish we'd bought more.


2009 Napa Cellars Merlot

"I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation You're living in the past It's a new generation And I only feel good When I got no pain And that's how I'm gonna stay And I don't give a damn 'Bout my bad reputation" -Joan Jett, Bad Reputation Merlot ...


New Year’s Resolutions? No thank you, none for me.

I'm not a big fan of making New Year's Resolutions. As a former, and hopefully future, gym rat, I have had a front row seat to observe how effective they are. The first week of the year is a horrible ...

Taste Live Sneak Peak at The Wineyard

Join us for a Sneak Peak of The Wineyard at Santa Rosa Vintners’ Square!

When I met Creative Furnace's Cailyn McCauley and Joel Quigley for dinner at Healdsburg's popular Spoon Bar during Sonoma Harvest Weekend, they were bursting with news about a future "base camp" for TasteLive! Now we can share the news with you! ...


Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 11 – Low Sodium Cooking)

This is part 11 of our on-going Home Superstar Chef series. The previous posts in this series were Part 1 – Good Pans, Part 2 – Shallots, Part 3 – Pine Nuts, Part 4 – Knives,  Part 5 – High Heat Cooking, Part 6 – Restaurant ...


Don’t Settle for the Turkey

While babysitting for my brother, I happened to catch Sleepless in Seattle. He had turned it on before he left, because my niece, who just turned eight years old, informed us that she "really isn't interested in little girl movies ...


%#&@ the Pilgrims!

WARNING! The following post may contain language, ideas, and humor that some might consider offensive. If you feel that you might be one of these people then this post might be about you or someone you know and we highly ...

Rodney Strong Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Symmetry Meritage

Rodney Strong Redux for November TasteLive Tuesday!

Tonight we will be joining the good folks at TasteLive! for an on-line tasting of Rodney Strong Wines But this event will be a little different. While we would love to invite ALL of our readers to Casa de Wineauxs to ...


Damn, I like beer! Of beer festivals, beer wenches, and beer farts.

As I've written before, I am not a wine snob, but I am definitely a beer snob. That being the case, one of my favorite alcohol-related events in Houston is the Brenner's Beer Festival. Seriously, Brenner's on the Bayou is ...

California Cabernet Sauvignon from Small Lot Bottlings

It’s TasteLive! Tuesday: Small Lot California Cabernet Sauvignons

The Detroit Lions are 5-0! To help celebrate another BIG WIN, we're joining the TasteLive! panel to taste some Big Red Wines! After a late Summer hiatus, TasteLive! Tuesdays are back! Join us and this week's wine-loving panel at 8 p.m. ...