Easy Holiday Banana Bread

I like my bananas a little green. My family doesn’t. But sometimes our bananas get way too ripe to be eaten alone. What to do? Make Banana Bread! My mom used to make hers in a coffee can. Lucky for me, there are perfectly sized loaf pans available. But not all pans are created equal! If you select a glass bake ware pan or a dark, non-stick pan, reduce the oven temperature of your recipes […]

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Turkey and Cannellini beans with Terlato Pinot Grigio

The other night I came home to the usual question of  “What are you fixing for dinner?” As I had not gone to the grocery store in quite some time, and had been pulling things out of the freezer and the pantry to see what I could make for almost a week, it was a question that I was having a very difficult time answering. Not wanting to get back in my car and driving […]

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Somewhere Over the Rhine: Riesling

When you mention Riesling, many will say “Oh, I don’t really like sweet wines, ” assuming all wines labeled Rieslings are sweet. However, Riesling can fall anywhere on the spectrum from bone dry to an intensely-concentrated sweetness, with variances in between. Riesling is one of the varietals most determined by its terroir, and wines can differ in their level of alcohol by volume. Many of the classic German semisweet version are 8% alcohol by volume or less, while newer, dryer Alsace and Austrian Rieslings are around 12%.

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Winos stole my burrito!

Wine has changed my life in so many ways, almost all of which have been positive from my point of view. There are the health benefits, social benefits, and probably most profound of all, the opportunities that writing about it has opened for me. One change that I have mixed feelings about is in the way that I relate to food since becoming a full-fledged (as opposed to being a half-assed) wino. Food and wine […]

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Dear Thea, this is what you missed!

We flew into California on Wednesday night, a couple days early, so we could head down to Murphys for a little pre-WBC09 (2009 Wine Bloggers’ Conference) fun.  Lucky for us, there were lots of cars on the Hertz lot. The nice lady at the counter asked if we would like to upgrade to a 2010 Mustang with leather seats for only $8 more a day. Gee, upgrade from a compact to a Red Mustang? Well […]

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