October Surprise – Michel-Schlumberger Vineyard Walk

Our self-selected vineyard tour during the Wine Bloggers Conference (WBC) came with unexpected surprises. Originally, Joe chose a 4-mile tour — probably thinking that with all the promised wine and food, he’d need an extra workout during the conference. Since I’d signed up late, I simply selected the same walk. However, because very few registrants had specified a particular walk, the specifics changed to a “first-come, first served” basis. Looking over the walk descriptions, I […]

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Vineyard Tours – A Great Way to Appreciate Wine

Now that Comcast has restored my internet connection to full speed, I’m able to access AWB! Although most of my contributions will continue to be photography, I’ll add an article every now and then, mainly focusing on wine “education.” I am one of those geeks who thinks every vacation should also include an “educational experience.” That’s probably due to growing up in a home with a school teacher Mom and a school principal Dad. Luckily, […]

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Glorious Beginnings

Some people, they like to go out dancing And other people like us, they have to work And there’s even some evil mothers Well they’re gonna tell you that everything is just dirt You know that women never really faint, And that villains always blink their eyes And that  children are the only ones who blush And  life is just to die – “Sweet Jane” Lou Reed This morning I awakened before the dawn, to […]

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Disturbing Trends

“Get up, Stand up Stand up for your rights” –Bob Marley, Peter Tosh This week I bought a new iPod Nano. Despite not being a huge Apple fan, I love this thing. So, yesterday I visited a large electronic superstore near my house. This place is geek heaven and has a great selection. I wanted to purchase a Nano armband and a pair of sport earbuds. I found and purchased both without any problem at […]

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Fantastic Sangria Recipe

This is definitely a sangria with some zing. Give it a try on a hot summer afternoon. 1 bottle of Zinfandel or Syrah 2 cups Vernor’s ginger ale 1/4 cup simple syrup 2 lemons cut into wedges 1 orange cut into wedges 2 limes cut into wedges 1 ruby red grapefruit, segmented 1 oz good gin Make sure that all ingredients are well chilled before combining if you plan to serve this right away, if […]

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Barbecue Nirvana – Best BBQ EVER

This is my last piece on BBQ for a long time, I swear. As I mentioned yesterday, every year Texas Monthly Magazine ranks and reviews the Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas. One thing that is a constant each year is that Smitty’s Market in Lockhart, Texas will be in the top 5, if not in the number one slot. This year was no exception, as Smitty’s earned a perfect score of 5. Here is […]

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Greatest Salad EVER!

That’s what my youngest son thinks, at least. Being 13, he may be a bit prone to hyperbole, but I am pretty sure it is at least in the top 100. I had a fairly cheap late harvest Riesling with this, and it was a fantastic summery meal. This is a variation on a salad recipe that I read somewhere recently and then recreated and expanded on from memory. I would credit the original, as […]

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White Wine Sangria Recipe

A couple of days ago I recommended Polka Dot Riesling as a good wine to eat while cooking barbecue, yesterday I used it to make a nice cold, refreshing sangria to drink WHILE I was barbecuing. This white sangria tastes like a crisp, tart lemonade, but much less sweet. Start by chilling a bottle of a bottle of white wine of your choice, I liked the way that the Polka Dot worked in this, but […]

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Passion for Life

Sometimes life becomes too routine, it feels like you are stuck in a rut. Perhaps the rut seems to be approaching chasm status. The work week can’t get over fast enough and the weekend is over before you know it was even here. Sunday brings a sense of dread because you can hear Monday scratching at the door. Maybe the cure is to rediscover what we are passionate about. Although I attended culinary school, I […]

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