Be a Home Superstar Chef (Part 2 – Shallots)

The first installment in this series discussed the importance of having a few high quality pans. Admittedly, despite being a necessity for the home chef, high quality pans are a big investment. Happily, the star of this article is much less expensive. Shallots look, taste, and smell like a cross between onions and garlic, but are neither. They are actually classified as different species from either one. Shallots grow in bunches of separate bulbs. The […]

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Be a Superstar Home Chef (Part 1 – Intro)

This is the first in a series of articles geared toward helping you take your home cooking to a higher level. This series will focus on individual ingredients, techniques, and styles that can take good food and make it great. I will mix these articles in along with the type of articles and posts that usually make up this blog. There will also be another new series beginning soon, as my wife is working on […]

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