Kemah Boardwalk Wine Fest – Live Blogging

This is one of the reasons that I bought an HTC EVO. At least it was one of the reasons that I gave Amy as to why I had to spend the money and dump the POS Blackberry that was the bane of my existence.

I am at the Kemah Boardwalk for Wine Fest. Now, many of these type of events feature low quality wine and depend on quantity to keep the drinkers happy. Not this one. In fact, I am sipping on a glass of L’ Ecole No 41 Syrah as I type this.

Here is a photo to prove it. I will be updating this throughout the day, so check back often.


As the following photo shows, I have a lot of drinking buddies today.


I just stopped by Hugo Family Cellars of Napa and tasted three of their offerings. All were excellent. They had a Sauvignon Blanc, a Grenache/Syrah blend, and a 100% Syrah. Unfortunately they are only available in restaurants.

UPDATE: It’s hot! Lots of sun, lots of people, and lots of wine. After tasting about a dozen wines so far it is time for some shade, people watching, and some ice cold water. Then more wine (even if I do spit most of it) to celebrate Toledo’s win at Purdue this afternoon.

UPDATE: I wonder if the wine makers who did not show up or send someone competent to pour realize how they end up represented at these things. I just had one pourer mispronounce Meritage, and another take a wild ass guess at Sonoma when asked what part of Napa their winery was in. Both wineries are quite renowned and well-respected.

UPDATE: At a wine dinner with the wine makers from Hugo Family Winery at The Aquarium. The Sauvignon Blanc is paired with a She Crab Bisque. Despite the soup being a bit too salty, the wine is a fantastic pairing. Great wine!

UPDATE: 2nd course is lobster cannelloni paired with Girard Chardonnay. The food is good but the wine is spectacular. it is very crisp, rich and delicious. Like the previous course, the wine far outpaces the food.

UPDATE: 3rd course is beef short ribs. Again the wine pairs perfectly, but it is like Peyton Manning throwing to a 50-year old Bill Schroeder. It might be points on the board, but everyone knows who is responsible for them. Hugo Family Cellars kicks a lot of butt. Get yourself some. Hugo Family Cellars Adamare.

LAST UPDATE: Last wine course. Girard Artistry Napa Valley Red Wine with Buffalo Ribeye. Again, the wine is excellent, but this time the food has a chance. Roberto Duran had a chance against Sugar Ray Leonard the second time around too. This time excellent wine meets excellent meat. Too bad the sauce that looks like Campbell’s mushroom sauce (but tastes much better) yells “no mas” before the bout ever starts.

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