Mayo 2006 Pinot Noir

It may seem sometimes that I am a shill for Mayo Family Wineries because I review so many of their wines. For the record, I am not paid by them, I don’t even get free bottles to review. Not that I have a problem with free wine, nor would it influence my review in any way, but these articles are written from purchased bottles. The fact is, I had a wonderful experience visiting one of their tasting rooms in Sonoma, joined their wine club, and now drink quite a bit of it. When I have one that I particularly like it gets reviewed. Last night I particularly enjoyed one.

Mayo 2006 Pinot NoirMayo 2006 Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast/LaCruz Vineyards) is a real treat with its ripe fruity flavors and beautiful red color. It begins with a very strong nose that immediately lets you know what grape is in your glass. Redolant with cherries, damp rich earth, leather and vanilla, the aromas announce that you are about to sample a fine example of Sonoma Pinot Noir.

On the tongue this wine delivers huge amounts of fruit. Flavors of black cherry, raspberry and fudge linger on the palate as the long finish fades into mocha and fig. I was reminded of the memory of raspberry Tootsie Pops from my childhood. Not the sticky-sweet reality of how they taste to an adult, but the wondrous chocolate and fruit taste of a childhood memory.

Surprisingly, this wine didn’t seem to pair very well with the cheese and meats I sampled it with. Mostly it tasted much better by itself. The one exception was sweet, piquant peppers stuffed with chevre cheese. The tangy, acid notes matched perfectly.

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