Leaving Walla Walla and my liver hurts!

The Wine Bloggers Conference is beginning to wind down and is essentially over for us. We are packing up our things and will soon hop back on the WBC or Bust bus. It has been a lot of fun, but I think my liver will find a way to rip itself out of my body and check into a detox center any moment now if I don’t give it a break. Damn, they make some fine wine up here in Washington!

We have so many things that we need to write about from this trip.  I only hope that my wine-addled brain can remember everything. There have been so many wonderful experiences. I was thrilled and honored to meet one of my heroes, Andrea Robinson. Her TV show, videos and books shaped so much of my outlook on wine. I do regret that I missed her talk yesterday due to being kidnapped by the nefarious DrXeno who forced me to sample some very fine Bordeaux. Speaking of which, having the opportunity to hang out with Ward (DrXeno) is always one of the best things about the WBC. The same goes for so many of my fellow bloggers; Joe Roberts, Melanie, Liza, Thea, Dave, Ashley, Constance, all of the Wine Peeps, and so many more. We also made so many new friends that I am not even going to try and name them off of the top of my head. Maybe later when I go through the mountain of cards we collected.

Speaking of which, we had the opportunity to meet so many amazing, dedicated, and talented wine makers, who not only shared their wine with us, but also vast amounts of knowledge. Amy and I both got to meet the folks from two of our favorite Washington wine producers, L’ Ecole No 41 and Merryhill. We were also thrilled to see that Craig from Cornerstone Cellars was here pouring. Being able to spend some time talking to him is almost as much of a treat as tasting his wines; which only sounds like a left-handed compliment if you have not tried the wine.

And to the organizers of the WBC, I don’t always see eye-to-eye with all of you, but you did a fine job again. Congratulations, kudos and thanks all around.

It is always bittersweet leaving this event. We take away so many wonderful memories, and the real highlight is seeing our old friends and making new ones. On the other hand, it may very well be at least another year before we get to see them again in person. Twitter is a poor substitute for that. Until next year, here are a few photos from this year’s madness. Click to see the full sized image.

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