2010 Wine Blog Awards: Nominations Open

It’s time to nominate your favorite wine blog in the 2010 Wine Blog Awards. Not only has the name changed a bit, but a new group is running the program. The North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference took over the contest and will present the Awards at the WBC2010 in Walla Walla, Washington, June 25-27th.

Open to the public, the nomination period runs from today, April 1, 2010 for one week, through April 7th. Starting April 8th, the judging panel will sort through the nominations to choose “top finalists” for each award category. Winners will be chosen based on the judges’ opinion combined with a popular vote, and awards will be kept secret and presented live at the North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

Nominations for each of the eight categories will be made via comment on a new website set up specifically for the Awards. Award categories include the following:

* Best Overall Wine Blog

* Best New Wine Blog

* Best Writing on A Wine Blog

* Best Winery Blog

* Best Single Subject Wine Blog

* Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog

* Best Industry/Business Wine Blog

* Best Wine Blog Graphics, Photograph, & Presentation

* Best Married Couple Wine Blog <– April Fool’s: I made that one up.

Another Wine Blog has posted 167 times within the requisite time period.
Now, of course we can’t have a contest without a few rules.  So here are this year’s “guidelines” from the website:

1. Blogs need only be nominated one time to be eligible. Please read the previous comments in an award category as there is no need to nominate a blog that has already been nominated.

2. All English language wine blogs worldwide are eligible.

3. Blogs must have posted at least 52 times during the period April 1, 2009 through March 31, 2010 to be eligible. The exception is the Best New Wine Blog, which has no requirement for minimum number of postings.

4. Please help the judges by listing in your comment how many times the blog you are nominating posted during the above period! Sometimes this is easy to tell from a blog. Other times, a blogger him or herself will be able to provide the information quickly. FYI: Another Wine Blog has posted 167 times within the requisite time period.

5. Please help this process by spreading the word on your blog about the nomination period.

Go check out the Awards Website at WineBlogAwards.org and nominate your favorite blog.

If I were an unbiased reader of blogs, I’d nominate this guy’s blog. His writing is funny, insightful and thought-provoking. He knows and loves wine, and is one hell of a cook, offering plenty of recipes and cooking techniques for the person who knows his way around a kitchen.

Hell, that’s why I started reading his stuff in the first place, because he made me laugh ’til I cried while still making excellent points. And that’s back when he wrote about football, and music, and culture, and whatever popped into his head. Then I married him, and he still makes me laugh.

And I’m no April Fool.


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