Even Alton Brown thinks Sandra Lee is creepy!

Alton Brown thinks Sandra Lee is creeoyNot too long ago I wrote a piece entitled Why do I hate Sandra Lee so much? that I used as a launching off point for a rant about what a wasteland Food Network has become. I used Sandra Lee, rightfully so, as the spokesmodel for everything wrong with what used to be my favorite network.

Many times when I go on these rants people ask me why I don’t just change the channel and shut the %@#& up. On the surface that would seem to be a quite legitimate question. Why waste my breath ranting and raving about some Prozac addled Stepford wife whose claim to fame is that she can’t cook, and writes cookbooks for those who don’t want to cook? I could just change the channel, but what would I change it to?

As Mrs. Cleaver was wont to say at times while walking gingerly through her spotless kitchen, “Gee Ward, weren’t you a little hard on the beaver last night?” Apparently not. It seems she even creeps out the last person worth watching on the Food Network.

This is Alton Brown dishing on a lot of the other denizens of his workplace. The part about our favorite Lobotomized Little Debbie comes at about the mid-point.  I’m pretty sure I will have many horrible nightmares based on the story he tells.

I think that I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • Love this.

  • Alton Brown is pretty darn funny!! Great clip!

  • Yes, Sandra Lee is creepy! And as well I don't watch the Food Network anymore.

    • Ernest1944

      That is the purpose stupid, to cook EASY to make dishes. It is not a 100% made from scratch concept, HELLO.

  • Katey

    Ha ha! Too many preservatives from her box cake mixes, that is classic. I don't like Sandra Lee either. Take the extra 10 minutes to be a little creative and do it from scratch, good grief. Love Alton Brown though :)

  • honeyb

    LOL, oh wow, can you believe it? Well, yeah, considering she seems like a fruitcake anyway…with all those toddies she has. :D

  • Candee

    I used to watch it a lot…but I try to watch Alton if I can catch him. Things from scratch are so much better. And not as hard as everyone makes it out to be.

    • Ernest1944

      Alton is an idiot. He cannot cook. He just runs his mouth

  • Amy

    HAHA! So funny!

  • haha – hilarious video

  • Ashley

    Is it a good thing I don't know who sandra lee is?
    I can't afford basic cable so I guess I'm not missing much. although i still wish I could watch food network once in awhile got a recipe for the best pizza ever on that channel when I had it.

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  • Ernest1944

    Alton Brown is an idiot, he couldn’t boil freakin water. These other idiots that are ragging on Sandra Lee and talking about Barefoot Contessa’s husband? REALLY! It’s like her husband’s job is any of your freakin business. You give media a very bad name. The only creepy thing is listening to Alton Brown make a Science Class out of cooking and running his mouth on Iron Chef, if he is such a BAD ASS why does he never compete. 

    • Mr. Jaster, you are obviously a gentleman of exceptional refinement and taste. I stand chastised and humbled, not to mention corrected. If you don’t mind, could you help me out? Does Wal-Mart brand canned mushroom soup taste good, or should I spend the extra quarter for the name brand stuff? 

      As for Alton Brown, you’re right again. Why would anyone want to know the reason behind certain techniques? If you just follow the instructions of some half-assed self-proclaimed cooking instructor everything will work out perfectly every time! Just like minute rice and cool whip, right?

  • Ernest1944

    I am sure you Bitches cannot cook either just gossip, screw your degrading/unprofessional interview.

  • view

    i would like to see her naked ..sandra dee…i think the premiss of her show is so anti cooking and so pro corporate food product and she has a nice frame on her y’know…don’t want to sound piggish but i think she should be about who she really is – a big blond beauty…there, i said it and i’m glad

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