Wine Stain Removal

If you drink wine it is inevitable, you will spill some on yourself, someone else, or something. It will be red wine, too, guaranteed. Especially if you are wearing white, your date is wearing white, or you are sitting on your boss’s new white couch. Now what?

spilled wineHere are some commonly used remedies for red wine stain removal. Please keep in mind that some of these use bleaching agents that could also cause color to be removed from fabric. Test before using any of these.

One method that has been highly touted, but that I have found brings mixed results is to use white wine, beer or club soda. To do this you first soak up as much of the red wine as possible, blot do not rub. That is the first step for all methods, so I will not be repeating it. Next soak the area with the other liquid, blot again, and keep repeating until stain is mostly gone. Then use soap and water to try and get the rest up. Make sure and get all soap out of the fabric with clean water and lots of blotting.

The preferred method at my house is to use a product called Wine Away from a company called Evergreen Labs. This stuff usually does the job very well, although it does seem to work better on some fabrics than on others.

A method that many people swear by, but that I have not personally tried, is to mix equal parts liquid dish washing soap and peroxide. This one requires extra care to ensure that it does not bleach the color from the fabric, but is reputed to even work on old stains that have already been through the dryer.

Other anecdotal methods include talcum powder, pouring boiling water through the stain, 50/50 mix of water and ammonia followed by a white vinegar rinse, covering with salt until dry, as well as more traditional items like Shout and Woolite.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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