New Orleans Day 1 – Quick recap

Harrah’s New Orleans and the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau have teamed up to bring Joe and Amy to the Big Easy for what is being billed as “Harrah’s Greatest Weekend Ever.”

Yesterday we flew out of Hobby Airport for the short trip to New Orleans. The flight was uneventful and the pilot even made up some time that had been lost due to a delay of our aircraft from Chicago to Houston. When we landed, I joked, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a guy holding up a card with our names on it?” As we headed for baggage claim I found that the joke was on me. Harrah’s is not messing around. Not only was an impeccably dressed gentleman holding up a sign with our names, but he then led us out to a line of stretch limousines, one of which was intended as our personal means of transportation to the hotel.Limo_sm

As we arrived at Harrah’s, an army descended upon us to grab our bags, open doors, and guide us into the lobby. Once inside the door, a pretty young woman bestowed some very cool Mardi Gras beads upon us. I resisted the urge to ask her if I needed to pull my shirt up or anything, as getting kicked out as soon as we arrived would probably make Amy a tiny bit annoyed. After accepting the beads, another lovely young lady placed a mimosa in each of our hands. We were then shown to our swanky digs for the weekend by two exceedingly helpful gentlemen.

We are on the 25th floor with a spectacular view of the Mississippi River, and the neighboring areas. Currently, the fog is rolling in and the view is hidden, but I know it is there somewhere. After settling in we relaxed for a bit before heading to the lobby to meet our hosts and the other lucky bloggers invited to this shindig.

Once we had all arrived, we headed for a bus to take us to Emeril’s Delmonico. From the outside the bus did not look much different than most small tour buses, but the inside was very different. It was a larger version of the limo from earlier.

meats_smThe dinner at Emeril’s joint will require a separate post, but suffice it to say that it way exceeded all of my expectations. We ate and drank for a full four hours.  Yes, four hours…that is not a typo. The photo accompanying this post shows just the appetizer for this feast. It was 3 full boards of their house made charcuterie. For those of you into food porn, click on the picture for a better view!

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