The final days of the Wine Blogger Conference

Although the temptation was great, I somehow resisted the call straight from the heart of darkness, and did not go all Kirtz in California. While hiding deep in the jungle of Sonoma, surrounded by half naked tribes of grape stomping natives who view me as their god did indeed sound like an attractive option, I have grudgingly returned to Houston.

It seems that the previous weekend has rendered me impervious to the effects of alcohol, and my saliva is permanently stained purple, but I have to return to the daily grind of the real world. Not a day too soon, either. I am exhausted. However, I can’t wait for next year’s Wine Blogger Conference. What a great three days!

Saturday night began with the Grand Sonoma Tasting which featured an amazing array of local wines. They ranged from good to spectacular. Other than a flabby Chardonnay or two, there were very few that I disliked. It was a much better tasting that the previous evening’s New Zealand wines.

After the tasting was finished, the tipsy lot of drunken geeks wine bloggers piled into buses and headed for the Sebastiani Family Wineries for a bacchanalian feast with Alice Fearing who bravely faced hordes of blood thirsty California wine fans. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday, the conference ended with a group discussion, one of the few events that I skipped, followed by more tasting and a final lunch together. It was a great ending for a wonderful event.

After a day back at work, I am beginning to rethink my decision to not go all Kirtz. Is it too late to change my mind?

Here are a few photos from the lunch and final tasting:

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